Top Pandemic-Friendly Activities of 2020

Jordan Hinsch

2020 was a a slap in the face and forced us all to adapt. I'm an avid traveler and have had to adapt by keeping my butt in the great state of Florida for most of the pandemic. Here are some of the top trending pandemic-friendly activities from 2020.


Paddleboarding (yes it's spelled as one word) is my personal favorite. Peaceful (usually), tranquil, great for vitamin D, and one hell of a full body workout. Paddleboardng saw a massive surge in areas where there is water, of course, during the pandemic. Good luck trying to buy a decent hard board or an inflatable!

Check out my article about the Top Places to Paddleboard in Miami. I'm working on some other cities as well.


Running is one of healthiest and least expensive physical activities you can do. Get out and enjoy. If you strongly dislike running, push yourself to do it. You won't regret it.


Cycling is another popular activity which has led to a surge in sales and very little availability of good product. Whether you ride on the road or on the trail, give it a shot.

At-Home Workouts

This may sound like a broken record, but at-home workout equipment is also very difficult to find. During the lockdown especially, receiving workout related items via delivery inside 2 months as very rare. If you tried to walk into a Dick's Sporting Goods, the weight section was most likely non-existent. The pandemic led to a surge in at-home workouts while the gyms were closed.

Road Trips (with minimal contact)

If you know someone who took a roadtrip during the summer of 2020, you're probably in the majority of people. Roadtripping is a very propular pandemic activity because most saw it as the safer method of traveling, as opposed to flying. This is very true, if you do it right. Read my 2020 Roadtrip Guide.

Video Calls

Zoom Video quickly became genericized during the heat of the pandemic. The word Zoom is now equilvalent to the likes of Google, Aspirin, Xerox, and Jacuzzi. Zoom is here to stay and it's a great tool to stay connected to your loved ones and to conduct business.


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