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Jordan Alexander

Out of boredom, I downloaded TikTok a year or so ago... at the time of downloading it, I still thought the app was made for kids. My view of the app quickly changed, and I realized this app is a lot of fun.

TikTok is, of course, primarily for our entertainment and socializing.

The application is really entertaining, but a lot of people don't even realize the power the app has regarding "D.I.Y." posts and other "How to" type content. Those tutorial-style Tiktok posts are my favorites. Let me explain...

Not too long ago, I compared 2 cooking tutorials for the same recipe. One was from YouTube and was 33 minutes long, and the second tutorial was 51 seconds on TikTok.

The post on YouTube was bloated, repetitive, and boring. The tutorial on TikTok was effective, efficient, and entertaining.

After I realized this, I started using TikTok for all kinds of 'How to' posts, and I love how much I've learned as a result!

Don't forget how to use the search function on TikTok! If you want to learn something or cook something new, it will likely be on there.

I am much more apt to look for 'how to' videos that are short and concise instead of the traditional long-form video posts that seem to be bloated and boring.

I understand there are certain tutorials that could never be properly explained in less than a minute, but it is amazing just how many are!

I implore you to check it out the next time you want to learn something new!

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