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Only a few short months ago, I was hustling online to make a little side-income to use on investments. But it seems that everything has changed overnight, including the way I perceive income.

So today I'd like to talk about Fiverr, the online platform that (in my experience) is the easiest and most user-friendly for beginners. This article will be useful for anyone that's struggling to make an income and could use the help.

An Introduction to Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace that exists to connect entrepreneurs with clients.

Fiverr got its name from the idea of charging $5 for basic online services.
A simple charge for a simple job.

Entrepreneurs would sign up to deliver easy-to-fulfil gigs in relatively short amounts of time for tiny one-off payments.

The $5 angle was eventually scrapped, so now people make their entire living from charging reasonable prices for proper work.

The service was a godsend in its early years. Besides Freelancer, there weren’t any online services that helped businesses find specialists to do those little but essential jobs such as website content and graphic design.

Freelancer was a nightmare to use, and the people I hired from the site were awful.
I joined Fiverr in 2014 to find editors to edit and format my self-published books, then three years later, I became a seller myself.

Fiverr has changed a lot since I was in my prime selling years, mostly because of how many sellers have crowded the platform since Fiverr ramped up their marketing budget.
So if you want to be successful selling a gig on today’s Fiverr, you need to find a way to stand out.

My Fiverr Profile Photo

Making it Work

Simply creating a generic writing, editing, or voice acting gig isn’t enough anymore to attract buyers.

The people who have the most success on the platform are those who discover an angle, then work to please the people who are interested in paying for what they’re selling.

While I am recommending that you create niche gigs for your Fiverr profile, I’m not saying that you should stick to only one niche.
You can make several gigs for your profile, so why not create several gigs that attract customers from many different niche interests?

The only limits you have are your own imagination, and your ability to deliver on your promises.

Please Welcome to the Stage, Mandy

While writing this workshop, I spoke with a Fiverr seller named Mandy. She joined Fiverr to be a writer and editor but quickly realised that she needed an angle if she wanted to find success on the platform.

While deciding how to pivot her profile, a friend casually asked her to help him write sexy messages to his girlfriend.
Mandy realised that she had a unique talent for it, and her friend felt the same way. He told her that she should be charging to write erotic messages, so that’s the direction she went with on Fiverr.

She created gigs on her profile that told clients she would write any kind of erotic messages they wanted. She pivoted from generic writing to targeting erotic messages, and it was immediately successful.

Clients ask her to write messages for their partners birthdays, anniversaries, and simple date nights.
One of her clients is a regular customer and even prompted her to open up another gig that offered erotic short stories because those would suit his needs better. He buys those regularly too, and now other new clients are discovering her new service. They buy a short story, then see her original erotic message gig and buy that as well.

Mandy says that the key to finding success is doing your research and seeing what’s already on the platform, then creating a gig that’s a little bit different. Offer something that the existing sellers haven’t made available.

She also advised that new sellers should expect very modest results in the beginning, but that they can expect to get more work over time if they stick at it.

I agree with Mandy, because I also found that booking work was very slow in the beginning, but that it picked up quickly once I started getting positive reviews.

Unfortunately for Mandy, her profile only has one review, and there’s a reason for it.
While she’s had a lot of sales, people aren’t comfortable putting their name on a review for an erotic product online. While this is understandable, it’s unfortunate for her, because generating a lot of good reviews is the fastest way to attract more clients.

So instead of relying on reviews to attract new clients, Mandy needs to rely on her great pricing and excellent results.

Personally, I found in the early days that I had to offer prices that were a lot lower than I felt comfortable with in order to compete.

However, once I started collecting positive reviews, I started lifting prices slowly over time.
After a few months, I was giving my prices a tiny bump after every single booking until I felt comfortable with a price that was attractive, yet fair for the time I spent completing a gig.

Your Newest Checklist to Fiverr Riches

Here below are my steps to success on Fiverr based on the experiences of Mandy and myself.

  1. Create your Fiverr profile, then put a lot of thought into what you can offer. You can offer anything that comes to your mind; your only limits are your imagination and what you can deliver at high quality.
  2. Make several gigs and ensure that each are offering a niche product that no-one else on the platform has made available. If you need inspiration, find a popular gig on the site that’s within your wheelhouse, then tweak it just a little bit so that you’re offering something they don’t.
  3. Include all the small but important details in your gig description. If you’re a writer and speak English natively, include that in your description. This platform is used by sellers all over the world, so a detail like that isn’t assumed. The same goes for any other language, if you’re offering to sing Happy Birthday in Spanish and you speak Spanish natively, include that detail in your description.
  4. Price your gig low in the beginning so that you’re competitive, especially when you don’t have any or many reviews. But as the reviews start coming in, raise your prices. My advice is to schedule your first pay rise after you have ten reviews. Raise your price again every ten reviews after that until you have 60. After you’ve reached 60 reviews, raise the price (slightly) after every booking until you reach the price that’s just right.
  5. Make sure your gig photos are eye-catching and memorable. You can add text to your photo, and can even include videos on some gigs.
    Include all media that’s made available to you so that you stand out as much as possible.
    Writing gigs allow you to attach PDF examples of your work. Even if you’ve never completed a gig before, write an impressive essay and attach it as an example of your previous work.
    Voice gigs allow you to include sound clips and videos, so you should take advantage of both. A video is a chance to show off your recording equipment, plus it builds a connection with the client.
    Sound clips are a great chance to show your range. Edit together several of your best voices that you can show off one after another. Basically, use the tools that are made available to you.
  6. Take advantage of ‘buyer requests.’ These are requests that potential clients have posted to Fiverr because they’ve already searched for the right person and haven’t found them yet.
    When responding to a buyer request, write an individual message each and every time. You can only answer 10 requests a day, so make each of them count.
    Respond to the requests that most closely suits your skills, and be very specific about how you’re the right person for the job. Take care to re-read your message before you send it; proper grammar can make all the difference when it comes to being picked over someone else with equal skill but a tenuous grasp of the English language.
  7. Stay optimistic and keep trying. I found that once the wheel is turning it can speed downhill faster than you can chase it. But before that can happen, you need to spend a while giving it a push-start. Maximise buyer requests, put yourself out there on social media (only if you feel comfortable doing so) and keep brainstorming new ideas for better and more appealing gig ideas.

You’ve Got This

Fiverr is a great way to get started in the world of online hustling because it’s very user friendly and has no barrier to entry.

You don’t have to pay anything, and the site is easy to use and understand, plus it has a great app.

But just because it’s possible to set up a gig in 5 minutes, it doesn’t mean you should. Take the time to write clever descriptions and take great photos/videos.
Find several niches, then attack them with creative ideas that no-one has ever thought of.

Then once you’ve started generating income, come back to this article and tell me all about your success, I would love to know what you did to make things work during these awful times.

We can all get through the quarantine by sharing our knowledge and supporting each other, so get out there and try your best.

I’d like to thank Mandy (username iammandy) for the knowledge she contributed to today’s workshop.
I really hope that our combined experience helped you even a little on your journey to success.

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