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How I packed my backpack for 5 days in Miami Beach

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In August of 2021, I had a 5 day trip with my best friend to Miami Beach planned! Now, I was going to be in Florida, during the summer, when its hurricane season. Plus, we were going to the beach, going to be doing a lot of walking around, and other activities which weren't determined yet.

I had a lot to think about in terms of clothing and accessories. I wanted to bring items which were light weight, very nice looking but comfortable, easy to pack, and were versatile. So, I went with athletic leggings (my go to clothing item), rompers, shorts, tank tops, and dresses. Bikinis were packed as well.
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I figured, these items would be perfect for the Florida heat, for any type of occasion and activity we planned to do. Clothing, check. Now, I had to move onto miscellaneous accessories and items.

My friend and I both knew we wanted to go to the beach. Why wouldn't we? We were going to be in Miami Beach, so we had to go to the beach. I decided to bring my microfiber towel, my GoPro Hero 9 to get footage and pictures in the water, raincoat, waterproof pack, and waterproof Birkenstocks. These items were crucial for being near or in the water.

Toiletries were packed, nothing too special with those. Just remember to bring sunscreen when you're going to be out in the sun!
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So, I had my clothing, accessories, toiletries, cameras, and sandals. Now, the next task was figuring out what luggage I wanted to use for this trip and how I was going to pack it all in there.

My go to luggage of choice is my 40L Eagle Creek Women's Global Companion backpack. I prefer using a backpack instead of suitcases. It makes my life easier just putting a backpack on and traveling with it.

To pack all my items into the backpack, I use the Eagle Creek and Osprey packing cubes to pack my clothing. By rolling my clothing and placing it into the packing cubes, this makes my clothing organized and allows for more space in my backpack.
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Once the packing cubes are filled, and everything else is in its organizer, container, and pouch, I Tetris them into my backpack. The deeper side of the backpack holds my clothing. The biggest packing cube goes on the bottom while the smaller packing cube(s) go on the top.

The other side of the backpack is filled with the other items in a Tetris fashion as well. Finally, at the bottom of the backpack is a shoe compartment. I placed my Birkenstocks in the shoe compartment. This is great, because it keeps your shoes separate from everything else. Therefore, the dirt from your shoes doesn't get onto your clothing.

I managed to fit everything into my backpack for my 5 day trip. Once you get the hang of it, it's a pretty easy. This is the system and method that works for me process. The Eagle Creek backpack and packing cubes are my go to for most trips, and I recommend this combination.

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