2022 Social Media Trends to Not Buy Into

Johnathan Martin

Whether or not we want to admit it, social media has taken over a good part of our everyday lives. Whether it’s scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, or researching a blog article to find more information, online presence has become part of our culture. Sometimes it is hard to figure out what we can believe and what we can’t. Here are some social media trends NOT to buy into.

1. People are ditching social media

This is simply not the case. Research has shown that the number of social media users continue to grow. Users may not be spending as much time on one platform, but the number of new users continues to grow.

2. The more hashtags, the better

Hashtags are beneficial for posts you want to appear in a particular hashtag search and can help bring new views and accounts to your pages. To not over crowd your post with hashtags, make sure you are choosing hashtags that are directly related to your content and are fairly popular with other content.

3. Live Streaming is taking over

A live stream is great content to put on your platforms, but if you’re not doing it you’re not being hurt majorly. Live streaming is meant to give a more behind the scenes look or invite your global users to a local event. It is not something that has to be done every day, but once a week it will seem like a treat that your viewers will be looking forward to.

4. Artificial Intelligence is the way to go

Robots responding to questions or comments has become more popular, but are not necessarily taking over. It is convenient if someone visits a website to be greeted by a message offering assistance answering any questions the visitor may have. However, social interaction between two people directly such as email or in a comment section still wins in the personal touch category. When discussing business. Most often, it is preferred to speak with a individual trained in that position as opposed to a robot answering based off of a script.

5. User generated content is ineffective

Turning out the same branded content over and over again may become redundant or seem tiring. User generated content is a great way to stay fresh and get your audience involved. Reposting images or videos of your clients using your products or services will not only show off your business, but make them feel like they’re contributing to the business. It brings in that personal touch that everyone loves to see.

Social media and the trends it comes with are constantly changing. Do you have any tips to stay on top of the current trends?

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