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Main Street Monday: Eclectic Decor and More

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Main Street Monday: Eclectic Decor & More
various antique and collectibles in the main lobby of eclectic decor and more in chipley, florida© john warren, llc

Main Street Monday: Eclectic Décor & More

“Antiques and finds of all kinds”

(Chipley, FL) Located along the railroad that stretches through the restful city of Chipley, Florida, locals and tourists can stroll down the sidewalks and browse many charming little shops offering a plethora of wares, and services. A new hairstyle, a brisk cup of delicious coffee, and friendly smiles are but some of the rewards you can find along the way. But, what’s a small town or city without the little antique store that brings the feel of nostalgia, piques your curiosity, and awakens the fond memories of yesteryear?

A recent interview with the owners of Eclectic Décor & More, Kristen Taylor and Candy Barefield, in downtown Chipley, allowed us to learn a great deal about how the “little antique shops” are filled with more than just items, and that memories are the real treasures.

What makes people want to come into the shop?

Kristen Taylor: “We have a lot of people come in to take a walk down memory lane. It’s about seeing all the things that their parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles, and family had, and just bringing back good memories. People really love to tell us stories about how they remember when their grandmother, grandfather, or other family member owned a piece, and how holding a similar piece brings back so many good memories.”

How did you get involved with antiques?

Kristen Taylor: “My folks where originally from upstate New York, and life-long antique dealers. When I turned 18, my brother and I were asked if we’d like to take over the family business. We both really had no interest, at such a young age, growing up around the business our entire lives. But, now look at me. It (the business) started here three years ago when I moved to Chipley, to take care of my elderly folks. I went and looked at a house, it had a bunch of stuff in it. I asked the seller if they wanted to sell all of the items out of the house. They said yes, and that is when I decided to open my own business.”

Candy Barefield: “We both started separate businesses in town about the same year. Over a short period of time, we became friends and decided to merge our businesses into one. We both agreed that this would allow us to offer more items in one location, while offering lower prices due to the reduced overhead. We’ve been business partners and great friends ever since!”
various antiques and collectibles© john warren, llc

Can us about some of the items that you have in the shop?

Kristen Taylor: “Well, that’s hard to answer. We usually tell people that we have something for everyone. For example, we have a wide variety of: décor, furniture, vintage jewelry, paper items, oil and electric lamps, chandeliers, original artwork, well, there’s just too many things to list. Every day we have new items coming in. We always have people interested in our hard-to-find glassware, too. “

What are some of the most popular items that interest those that come into the shop? And the most interesting?

Kristen Taylor: “A lot of people are interested in dough bowls, cast iron pots, and anything that brings back memories. For me, it was probably a World War II desk. It was in interesting roll-type desk with slide-out drawers. It had a brass name tag on it, and on the bottom of the drawer was the signature of the person that made the desk.”

Candy Barefield: “One of the most interesting items was a small display box that a lady purchased to put her child’s ashes in. She later came back and stated that she set it up where she could talk to her daughter every day.”

As a resident and small business owner, overall, how do you feel about the community and tourists that come into your shop?

Kristen Taylor: “The community is awesome. It’s a small hometown that has that good old-time feel. That’s one of the reasons I chose Chipley as my home. The people are sweet and wonderful.”

Do you offer any discounts our specials?

Kristen Taylor: “Yes. We accept all reasonable offers on our items. During the holidays we typically offer a 20% off discount to our shoppers.”

Do you have any final thoughts that you would like to share with our readers?

“We want to invite everyone to come in and browse our shop and be sure to visit all the other wonderful small businesses located in Washington County. We also wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a wonderful Happy New Year!” – Kristen and Candy

For More Information, and Photos, please visit the Washington County, Florida Tourist Development Council Website

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