Forsyth County Blotter: Burglary, battery, domestic dispute headline January arrests

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Photo byForsyth County Sheriff's Office.

(Forsyth County, GA) Here’s a look at recently released arrest reports from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office:


Arrests have been made in an October burglary case. On Oct. 29, a deputy reported to 9005 Waldrip Road about a burglary that had already occurred.

“When I arrived on the scene I met with the victim, Steven Edwards. Steven advised me that he left for the Philippines on Sept. 26 and did not return home until Oct. 27. Steven only occupied a small portion of the house and did not immediately notice anything out of place or missing. When he got home, he saw the door leading inside from the garage was open, and his kitchen drawers were also open,” the deputy wrote.

Edwards told the deputy that a laptop, and an old cellphone were missing.

He told the deputy that several chainsaws, an impact wrench, and other lawn equipment from the garage were missing.The value of the missing items is approximately $6,900.

“After speaking with Stephen, I walked through the house and noticed some doors cracked open, and the latch-style locks were undone. Stephen stated that he had not touched any open doorknobs and does not use that side of the house. I also checked the outside of the house. On the two windows in the garage, there were two handprints in the dust that looked like someone was trying to push the window up. On the back door, it appeared as if someone pried the door open. The wood was broken near the knob, and the door was left open. There are no cameras in the home,” wrote the deputy.

The deputy turned the case over to the Criminal Investigative Division The department in late January announced Adam Daniel, 33, and Frankie Calb, 33, of Cumming were charged with Burglary: Forced Entry.
Photo byForsyth County Sheriff's Office.

Battery and Assault

On Jan. 9, a deputy responded to a domestic violence call at 4840 Cord St. in Cumming. “Upon arrival, I met with the victims at the street entrance by the names of Carlos Esteban Quiceno and Biatriz Cadavid.

When I asked Carlos to tell me what had happened, Carlos stated that the incident had occurred on Jan. 8 at approximately 7:30 p.m. Carlos stated he had come home from his vacation in Florida with his new girlfriend Biatriz,” the deputy wrote.

The deputy said Carlos talked to his son Jose Manuel Quiceno, outside the residence, and told him Biatriz would be moving in.

“Carlos stated that Jose did not agree with this decision and began to get very angry. Carlos said Jose began to yell at him and then began to chase him outside of the residence, at which point Jose punched Carlos various times on his midsection and face. Carlos stated that he then ran to his room, where Jose followed him. Jose then began to choke Carlos using his hand around Carlos’ neck. Carlos stated that when Jose noticed that Carlos could not breathe Jose released Carlos,” the deputy wrote.

Carlo told Biatriz that they needed to leave due to Jose not being in the right state of mind.

As Biatriz attempted to leave the residence, Jose grabbed some ice-cold water and threw it at Biatriz near the residence's entrance.

“After that occurred, Biatriz and Carlos were able to leave the residence in their vehicle. Carlos stated due to his agitated state and his attempts to separate himself from his son, he did not call law enforcement until the next day. When talking to Biatriz, she told me the same line of events stated to me by Carlos and pointed out the bruising that Carlos had on his face and neck from the altercation.

Based on witness statements Jose Quinceno, 30, was arrested for simple battery and simple assault.

Battery and trespassing

On Jan. 10, a deputy responded to 4125 Chelsea Chase about a domestic dispute between Cheryl Patron and Joseph Patron.

“Upon arrival, I noticed that another deputy was already on the scene and was speaking with Cheryl. The deputy asked Cheryl to step outside so we could talk. Shortly after Cheryl stepped outside, Joseph came downstairs,” the deputy wrote.

The deputies asked Joseph to stay inside so they could talk. Joseph failed to comply and continued walking outside.

“I stood in front of Joseph and asked him to return back inside. Joseph stated that he was going to his truck. I told Joseph that he was not going to his truck and to go back inside. Joseph continued to attempt to walk to his truck. I put my hands up to hold Joseph back from leaving the area. Joseph continued to try to walk around me, saying that he was going to his truck. At this point, I felt that Joseph needed to be detained in handcuffs to prevent an escape or getting a weapon out of his truck since I was not sure what Joseph kept in his truck,” the deputy wrote.

Joseph was handcuffed and placed in the living room.

“I asked Cheryl what happened. Cheryl stated that she and Joseph were at a bar drinking and began arguing about something involving their kids. Cheryl stated that they got in the truck to come home, and the argument continued. Cheryl stated that at one point during the drive home, Joseph stopped the truck, came around to the passenger side door, and attempted to pull Cheryl out of the truck. Cheryl stated that when Joseph could not pull her out of the truck, he got back in the driver's seat and drove home. Cheryl stated that when they got home, they went upstairs to their room, where the argument continued. Cheryl stated that during the argument, Joseph slapped her on the left side of her face multiple times. I observed that Cheryl's left cheek was red, as if someone had made physical contact,” the deputy wrote.

Cheryl said as a result of the argument and physicality of the incident, she grabbed a gun and put it to her chin, and threatened to shoot herself.

Cheryl said Joseph then grabbed the gun from her and took it downstairs to give to one of his sons.

Joseph Patron ,45, was charged with Battery: Family Violence Act and Criminal Trespass.

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