The Restaurant Report Card: Health Department grades for some favorite FoCo restaurants

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(Forsyth County, GA) NewsBreak is offering readers a new service in the new year - a restaurant report card presented twice a month. Here are the first grades scored by the Forsyth County Health Department during inspections conducted between January 3 and January 18, 2023:

  • Chicken Salad Chick (3630 Peachtree Parkway) Grade A-99. Observed utensils stacked wet.
  • Confection (8020 McGinnis Ferry Road) Grade A-100
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• El Porton of Midway (4902 Atlanta Highway) Grade A-97. Observed utensils stacked wet. The observed tortilla machine needed to be certified. The inspector advised the person in charge to provide a cut sheet for the tortilla machine or remove unapproved equipment.

  • Grandma’s NY Pizza (2950 Buford Highway) Grade A-97. Observed food thawing in standing water. The inspector advised the person in charge to have cool and running water. The violation was corrected.
  • Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches (950 Buford Highway) Grade A-100
  • Krystal (560 Atlanta Road) Grade A-98. Observed loose trash and debris throughout the dumpster enclosure, dust accumulation/debris on lamps above dining tables and vents. The inspector advised more cleaning and frequent cleaning of floors, walls, and ceilings.
  • Oaks at Hampton (5610 Hampton Drive) Grade B-82. Employees' drinks were stored above the prep table and beside food contact surfaces. The inspector advised the person in charge to relocate beverages to an employee-designated area. The person in charge said she would inform employees about the proper storage of personal drinks. Also observed non-food contact surfaces were not clean and sanitized, juice dispensing nozzles contained dark substances on them, and the ice machine had a pink, possibly bacterial/mold-like growth. The inspector advised the person in charge to clean those items daily. The person in charge stated she would clean them as soon as possible. The inspector also noted that several foods that need time and temperature control for safety product temperatures in the walk-in cooler measured greater than 41 degrees. The inspector advised the restaurant staff to have an on-site maintenance technician service the walk-in cooler. Single-service utensils were improperly stored with the eating end up which poses a possible cross-contamination risk.
  • Pizza Hut (2603 Freedom Parkway) Grade A-100
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  • Johnny’s New York Pizza (3490 Keith Bridge Road) Grade C-72. The inspector reported that person in charge was unable to demonstrate knowledge of howthe food service operations are conducted at the establishment. The person in charge could not provide documentation or otherwise satisfactorily demonstrate during the inspection that all food employees and conditional employees are informed of their responsibility to report to management about their health and activities related to diseases transmissible through food. The report also notes that the restaurant does not have established procedures or materials organized in a kit for employees to follow when responding to vomiting or diarrheal events. Food was also observed being stored uncovered in a reach-in cooler under the prep top. The slicer and can opener were dirty with food residue and grime. A mold-like substance was observed on the soda dispenser nozzles and ice machine and dining tables were not appropriately sanitized The inspector noted that potentially hazardous cold foods were held between 42°F-50°F in the walk-in cooler without marking the time to indicate the four hour limit, and procedures to do so were not on file. The inspector also observed meat thawing in the prep sink without running water or temperature control, scoops without handles were used to dispense bulk food, and utensils stacked wet. Non-food contact surfaces, including shelves in the walk-in cooler, were dirty. The inspector also advised the person in charge to replace or resurface the concrete floors in the kitchen to a smooth, cleanable surface. The floors, walls, and vents were also dirty.
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  • Steak n Shake (2611 Peachtree Parkway) Grade B-80. The dish machine was not providing sanitizer at the plate level. Food contact surfaces were not clean to sight and touch. Soda dispensing machine, food prep sink, and equipment sides and surfaces were dirty. Items in the prep top cooler unit measured 42-47 degrees. Employees were not wearing hair restraints and had watches on their wrists. The toilets were not clean and had a buildup of dark substances on them. Floors were dirty with food residue under and behind equipment.
  • The Human Bean (1609 Buford Highway) Grade B-84. There needs to be a certified food safety manager currently posted. Foods that require time and temperature control for safety ranged from 42-49 degrees. Employees not wearing proper hair restraints and some were seen wearing watches and wrist jewelry.
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  • Wendy’s (2670 Freedom Parkway) Grade A-98. The top third of the most current inspection report was not posted in each drive-through window. Observed utensils stacked wet.
  • Zaxby’s (6020 Bethelview Road) Grade A-90. Foods that need time and temperature control measured at 42-51 degrees in the prep cooler. Floor tiles in the kitchen area no longer have grout and the cove base is damaged. Cleaning needed.

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