Forsyth County Blotter: Naked driver arrested for drugs, woman nearly attacked with a hammer

John Thompson
Photo byForsyth County Sheriff's Office.

(Forsyth County, GA) Here’s a look at recently released arrest reports from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office:

Aggravated Assault

On November 14, an officer was dispatched to a call to One White Oak Apartments at 2080 One White Oak Lane.

“Upon arrival, I made contact with the victim, who advised a former employee, Chan’tel Cintron, entered the front door of the leasing office holding her car keys in one hand and a claw hammer in the other,” the officer wrote. According to the report, the victim said Cintron resigned from her job at the apartment complex.

“The victim advised due to Chan’tel’s resignation, the electricity was cut off to the apartment. The victim advised when Chan’tel entered the leasing office, she was irate about her utilities. The victim said Chan’tel threw her car keys, attempting to strike the victim in the head with them. The victim stated the keys did not make any contact with any part of her body but struck a vase in her office, causing the vase to fall to the ground unbroken. The victim advised Chan’tel then raised the hammer above her head and swung it at the victim’s head, attempting to cause serious bodily injury,” the officer wrote.

The hammer missed the victim’s head, and the victim said Cintron tried to strike her again.

“The victim advised as Chan’tel raised the hammer for the second time, Sade grabbed the hammer and removed it from Chan’tel’s hand. The victim advised she grabbed Chan’tel by the hair and pulled her to the ground in an attempt to subdue and de-escalate the situation. The victim advised this was when she called 911. The victim reported her maintenance manager entered the room and was able to get Chan’tel out of the building,” the officer wrote.

A warrant was issued for Cintron, 30, of Cumming. She was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.
Photo byForsyth County Sheriff's Office.

Methamphetamine possession

On November 19, officers conducted a probation felony violation warrant at 7260 Cox Road for Christina Atwell.

“I pulled up on the scene and went to the right side of the house with my patrol car to block in the vehicle that was in the garage. When I blocked the car in the garage, the door to the house was open, but the glass storm door was closed. I was able to see into the house and saw two females and a male in the kitchen. The people saw my patrol car and quickly moved into the house, out of sight. A female with blonde hair and a beanie appeared to be either hiding something in the kitchen or reaching for something,” the officer wrote.

The officer drew his weapon and told the individuals inside to let him see their hands.

“I told the individuals inside to come out, and they came out. Out of the residence came Lisa Goldsby, Thomas Tate, and Christine Daly. I asked where Christina was, and they said she was not there,” the officer wrote.

Another officer on the scene said he knew there was at least another male in the house.

“After a while, Harold Turner came out of the laundry room area of the residence carrying a backpack. Harold was acting very standoffish and nervous,” the officer wrote.

A search of the home turned up methamphetamine. Daly, 46, Goldsby, 39 of Greenwood, Indiana, and Turner, 59, of Cumming were arrested. Atwell was later arrested.

Photo byForsyth County Sheriff's Office.

Cocaine possession

On November 19, an officer was conducting speed enforcement on GA Highway 400 Northbound at Shiloh Road and observed a car traveling more than 100 miles an hour. The officer stopped the vehicle near Majors Road.

“I approached the vehicle and contacted the driver, who I identified as Aaron Gregor. I later identified the passenger as Christopher Smith. I could smell a strong odor of air freshener with hints of marijuana. Aaron was dressed in different clothing than you would normally see on somebody. He was wearing a gold-laced robe around his waist and shoulders. He also had some sort of quartz rock lying on his lap and other large similar rocks lying around. Aaron told me this was the first time he's ever been on the interstate. Out of curiosity, I asked Aaron what he was wearing, and he stated he was wearing something to express his feelings and feel happy,” the officer wrote.

The officer asked Aaron to exit the vehicle, and Aaron advised the officer that he was nude.

“I asked him if he could put his robe on himself, and he said he could. Aaron then began to exit the car, and his car was rolling forward as he had forgotten to put it in park. He then put on the robe in the driver’s seat,” wrote the officer. The officer asked Christopher to exit the vehicle and told Christopher the vehicle would be searched for drugs.

“I went to search the vehicle and found a large zip-loc baggie with white powder in the bottom corners of it. I suspected this to be cocaine. This was next to the front passenger seat, near the passenger door, on the floorboard,” the officer wrote.

The officer located another large baggie of white powder and marijuana.

“I went to Christopher while he was sitting in my patrol car and read him his Miranda warning. I told Aaron he is under arrest for possession of cocaine,” the officer wrote.

Gregor, 22, of Peachtree City, was charged with DUI drugs and speeding. Smith, 31, of Carrollton was charged with possession of cocaine and marijuana.

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