Forsyth County Blotter: Teen arrested for having weapon at school, family violence, and drug arrest

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(Forsyth County, GA) Here’s a look at recently released arrest reports from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office:

Possession of a weapon on school grounds

On October 27, a custodian at East Forsyth High School observed 18-year-old Elijah Milligan with a vape in his hand. The custodian notified the administration, and Assistant Principal Jill McKee walked Milligan to the front office. Officials conducted an administrative search on Elijah using a metal detector.

“During their search, they located a red, spring-loaded knife clipped to the front of Elijah's pants. The blade on the knife is 2 inches long. When Jill asked Elijah why he was in possession of the knife, Elijah stated, ‘just in case,’ the deputy wrote.

Officials interviewed Milligan, and he said he did not have an explanation for why he had the knife.

“I asked Elijah If he was being bullied or had issues with anyone at the school, and he said no. I asked Elijah if he knew he was not allowed to have the knife at school, and he said yes, he knew,” the deputy wrote.

Milligan was arrested for having a weapon on campus.
(Photo/Forsyth County Sheriff's Office)

Family violence and damage to property

On October 18, a deputy responded to 6665 Shady Grove Road, concerning a 911 call hang-up.

When the deputy arrived, he talked to the female who had called 911. She told the officer she canceled the call because her husband had left the scene.

“I asked her what had occurred, and she advised that her husband, Joshua, had attacked her because of an argument they had when he arrived home with another female subject,” the deputy wrote.

The woman said her husband Joshua Arnold, 32, of Talmo, GA, left home and was gone for days. She told the officer she thought her husband had relapsed into drug use because he had been displaying erratic behavior. She said the behavior was consistent when her husband previously used methamphetamine and other drugs. She added that Arnold took her jewelry in the past week, and she believes he has sold it to pay for his drug use.

“When he arrived at the residence, he entered their bedroom and began packing clothes and other personal items. She began arguing with him over their financial straits. She followed Joshua out of the residence, and as she approached his pickup truck, she observed a female subject sitting in the front passenger seat. As they got closer, Joshua began blocking her to prevent her from seeing inside the truck, but she walked past him and opened the passenger door. As she did so, Joshua pulled her, causing her necklace to snap off,” the deputy wrote.

According to the report, the wife observed a black bag falling from her husband’s arms and kicked it away. She found the black bag, which she believed had his drug paraphernalia, in the bushes, grabbed it, and went inside.

“She locked the front door and hid the black bag underneath the kitchen sink. In the meantime, Joshua forced his way into the residence through the back sliding door by pushing it off the track and bending the metal frame. Joshua demanded that she return his bag, and she refused to give it to him. She walked out of the residence, yelled at the female subject in the pickup truck, and demanded that she leave her property. Joshua followed her out, and she threatened to call 911. Joshua grabbed her phone and kept it away from her, and he eventually gave it back to her after she demanded that he return it. She dialed 911, but she then hung up because Joshua was leaving, and she did not believe that a law enforcement response was necessary,” the deputy wrote.

The deputy noticed a scratch on the woman’s neck and redness on her collarbone area, consistent with her statement regarding how her husband had grabbed her.

“I advised her that I would be seeking out warrants for Joshua's arrest, and she advised me that Joshua is armed with her gun, a 9 mm pistol. She further advised that Joshua believes he has a felony probation warrant due to his not reporting to his probation officer,” wrote the deputy.

Warrants for Joshua's arrest were issued on charges of second degree criminal damage to property and simple battery. . He was later found in the parking lot of 4265 Browns Bridge Road and arrested.
(Photo/Forsyth County Sheriff's Office)

Methamphetamine arrest

On October 18, a deputy was traveling southbound on Keith Bridge Road when he conducted a plate check on a Chevrolet Camaro, which came back with a report of a suspended license. The owner was listed as Nelson Santoyo, 25, of Gainesville. The officer said the vehicle pulled into the RaceTrac in Cumming and parked at a gas pump.

“I pulled up next to the vehicle and asked the driver to come back as he attempted to walk into the RaceTrac. I asked the driver for his driver's license, and he said he didn’t have it. The driver said he didn’t know much English. The driver gave the name Nelson Santoyo. Dispatch came back with a warrant in Hall County. While I was waiting for the confirmation from dispatch, Nelson gave verbal consent to search his vehicle. When I opened the door, I smelled the odor of marijuana. The odor of marijuana gave me probable cause to search the vehicle without consent if required. I proceeded to search the vehicle and found pipes and a scale that appeared to be used for drugs. At the end of the search, dispatch advised the warrant was confirmed and to place a hold,” the deputy wrote.

Santoyo was searched and placed in the back of the patrol car. The deputy put all items found on Santoyo, including the pipes and scale in an evidence bag.

“After transporting Nelson to the jail, a small piece of folded paper was found in a cigarette box that Nelson had on him. The piece of paper contained a small amount of a crystal-like substance. The substance was field tested and came back positive for methamphetamine,” the deputy wrote.

Santoyo was charged with possession of methamphetamine and drug-related objects.

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