Forsyth County Blotter: Man attacked with a hammer, more drug arrests

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(Forsyth County, GA) Here’s a look at recently released arrest reports from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office:

Aggravated battery with a hammer

On October 6, a deputy responded to Northside Hospital Forsyth regarding a report of a man who was struck in the head by someone with a hammer.

“Upon arriving at the hospital, I was directed to a room. I located a male identified as Brandon Burnett. Burnett was lying in bed with his head fully wrapped in bandages. Burnett was able to speak, and he described what incident got him to this point,” the deputy wrote.

The officer said Burnett was in a workshop at 4940 Hurt Bridge Road and bent down working on something when his relative, Devin Smith, entered the shop.

“Burnett appeared to have slight issues clearly remembering. Burnett stated he went unconscious and awoke with Devin over him holding a tool, with Devin commenting he should have killed Burnett. Burnett described the tool as a hammer for fencing with a red handle. Burnett stated that after the attack, his mother drove him to the ER for treatment,” the deputy wrote.

The mother told the deputy she did not see the attack but that she found Burnett injured and that she drove him to the hospital.

“While at the hospital, I was notified that a female came in the main entrance and wished to speak with police about the incident. I exited the hospital and located Christine Burnett Reed, who stated she arrived at 4940 Hurt Bridge Road where she saw Devin exit the shop with a tool in his hand and that Devin struck a camper with the tool. Devin reportedly used the tool to point at Reed telling her she was next,” wrote the deputy.

Smith, 30, of Cumming was arrested and charged with aggravated battery.
(Photo/Forsyth County Sheriff's Office)

Drug arrest and traffic citations

On October 6, a deputy responded to the intersection of Peachtree Parkway and Claiborne Farms Road about a possible impaired driver.

“Upon making contact with the driver, Juan Munoz, I observed multiple manifestations consistent with impairment and could also smell the odor of marijuana coming from the passenger compartment and Juan's person.

I then conducted an impaired driver investigation. After completing the investigation, I determined that Juan was Driving Under the Influence of drugs to the extent that he was a less safe driver,” the deputy wrote.

“Juan was handcuffed and advised that he was being placed under arrest for DUI. Juan was read the Georgia Implied Consent Notice for a blood test, which he stated that he did not understand. Juan was then read his Miranda warning in Spanish and asked if he would consent to a blood test where Juan consented,” the deputy wrote.

The vehicle was searched, and a small amount of marijuana was located on the front passenger seat. The vehicle also had a broken passenger taillight, and Munoz did not have a valid driver’s license.

Munoz, 21, of Lawrenceville, was cited for DUI-Drugs, possession of marijuana under an ounce, operating a motor vehicle with unsafe equipment, defective brake lights and driving without a valid driver's license.
(Photo/Forsyth County Sheriff's Office)

Methamphetamine and other drug charges

On October 6, an officer responded to a traffic stop near the intersection of Buford Highway and Echols Road. The vehicle had been stopped for speeding by another officer.

“While speaking to the driver, the other officer advised me that he smelled a plainly obvious odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from inside the vehicle,” the officer wrote. The driver was identified as Louisa Kellogg, 61, of Cumming.

“I found that Kellogg was not over the per se limit. I advised Kellogg that as a courtesy, I would not be placing her under arrest for DUI Less Safe, but rather, I would serve her with a speeding citation. While questioning Kellogg about any potential open alcoholic containers being inside her vehicle, she advised me that there was a single drink with alcohol in her cup holder currently. She stated she was drinking it while driving home from seeing family out of state. I advised Ms. Kellogg that due to her admission of an open alcoholic beverage in the passenger compartment, I would conduct a search of her vehicle to look for any additional open containers,” the officer wrote.

The officer located multiple open bottles of various types of alcohol scattered throughout the car.

“While on the passenger side of the vehicle during my search, I located a small black pouch inside a large green plastic container. The container had a bag with multiple open liquor bottles as well as women's shoes and other miscellaneous items. I inspected the contents of the black pouch and located a rolled-up piece of aluminum foil that caught my attention. I asked Kellogg about the foil and she told me that it contained ‘chocolate.’ I found Kellogg's reply rather odd because the foil was tightly wrapped in a way consistent with the packaging and concealment of illegal drugs. Kellogg became increasingly interested in the foil as I asked her again what was inside. I proceeded to put on latex gloves as I did not want to potentially touch something inside the wrapped-up foil that could be hazardous. I asked Kellogg several times if she was sure the foil only had chocolate in it. Ms. Kellogg stuck to her story and proceeded to tell me to see for myself. Kellogg then kept making her way over toward me next to her vehicle and had to be asked repeatedly by the officer to stand back by (the officer’s) vehicle,” the officer wrote.

The officer conducted a more thorough search of her vehicle and located a clear orange pill bottle.

“Inside the pill bottle, I could see what appeared to be a plastic baggy stuffed inside of it. I then opened the pill bottle and inside I located a small cut straw along with a plastic baggy with a white crystal substance I believed to be methamphetamine,” the officer wrote.

The officer discovered more methamphetamine in the car, along with psychedelic mushrooms.

Kellogg was charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of a Schedule I Controlled Substance, possession of marijuana less than an ounce, possession of drug-related objects, possession of an open container and. speeding.

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