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Retired USAF Colonel from Kingsport Warns of Escalation in Wake of Drone Incident

John M. Dabbs

The recent collision between a Russian fighter jet and a US reconnaissance drone in the Black Sea has sparked concern and debate among residents in Kingsport, Tennessee. Retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shipley, who resides in the area, expressed his views on the incident, calling it "criminal aggression" and warning that "taking no action is the escalatory act."

Shipley's concerns are echoed by locals who fear the incident could escalate further in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Many in Kingsport are closely following the situation and anxiously awaiting what steps the US will take in response.

"It's concerning to see these kinds of confrontations between the US and Russia," said resident and retired teacher Mary Johnson. "We don't want things to escalate into a full-blown conflict."

Others in Kingsport are also concerned about the incident's environmental impact. "Dumping fuel in the ocean like that is not good for the environment," said resident and environmental activist Karen Davis. "We need to be more mindful of the impact our military operations can have on the planet."

Despite the concerns and debates, it remains unclear what steps the US will take in response to the incident. However, as Shipley and others have noted, continued diplomatic efforts will be crucial in addressing the underlying issues and preventing further escalation.
General Tony Shipley, Tennessee State Guard. Shipley is a former State Representative for District 2.Photo byTony Shipley/Facebook

"We need to find a way to resolve these conflicts peacefully," Shipley said. "Otherwise, we're just going to keep seeing these kinds of incidents happen, and that's not good for anyone."

As tensions between the US and Russia continue to simmer, the incident serves as a reminder of the need for ongoing dialogue and diplomacy to address the complex issues at play. In Kingsport and beyond, residents closely follow the situation and hope for a peaceful resolution.

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