NASA's Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Proposal Unveiled: Investing in the Future of Space Exploration and Earth Science

John M. Dabbs
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NASA’s fiscal year 2024 budget was released on Thursday, and it’s good news for those interested in space exploration. The budget proposes a blueprint to strengthen the economy, with a particular focus on supporting NASA's investments in public/private partnerships.

The budget will enable NASA to continue exploring the universe through projects like Artemis and the Mars Sample Return mission. It includes $8.1 billion to enable unprecedented lunar exploration activities, which will pave the way for sending astronauts to Mars. The budget also provides $949 million for the U.S.-led Mars Sample Return mission, which will return rock and soil samples to Earth to expand our understanding of the solar system.

In addition, the budget invests more than $500 million in a suite of technologies to help meet the administration’s goal of net-zero carbon emissions from the aviation sector by 2050. The budget will also support the research and development of new technologies to advance space exploration capabilities and create jobs through the growth of commercial space companies.

The budget’s $158 million for NASA’s Office of STEM Engagement will engage more students through enhanced partnerships and platforms, including expanding opportunities for students from underrepresented communities.

Overall, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson stated that the budget would help NASA monitor and protect the planet, advance sustainable aviation, better support orbital debris management, develop innovative new technologies, and inspire the Artemis Generation.

The budget also more than fully pays for its investments by reducing deficits over the next decade, building on the President’s strong record of fiscal responsibility. For more information on NASA’s fiscal year 2024 discretionary request, visit NASA’s website.

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