Mending and Innovation Pave the Way for Side Hustles for Those with Full-time Jobs

John M. Dabbs
Rainbow in Watauga, TennesseeJohn Dabbs/Photographer

Those with active side hustles are having difficulty keeping up and making headway in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. This writer has experienced a setback in dealing with a broken wrist that couldn't be put off with a splint any longer and required surgical correction. Now wearing a cast for two weeks post-surgery, having the stitches removed and placed into a hard cast for another three weeks, I find writing challenging.

Like many of my fellow writers, we are driven to keep busy. I've been making mental notes on things to write about that can wait until I'm better able to manipulate the keyboard. This hunt-and-peck method of writing is for the birds - it is too time-consuming.

In the interim, I've seen others with a side hustle for additional income branch out into other areas. I've been helping my stepson with his food truck until I had this medical setback, which has rendered me useless for his work. I'm merely moral support and a driver who can back the concession trailer at the moment.
NYC Hotdog cartAnton/Unsplash

An opportunity arose for another business stream as I learned of a hotdog cart for sale by a local business owner who operated it with his pub. I've since purchased the cart and cleaned it up while awaiting callbacks from the insurance company and health department for permitting and coverage. The cart will allow me to supplement my stepson's business to help his clientele and keep the businesses we serve happy.

In researching the ins and outs of the hotdog business, I discovered it is a potential money maker with little investment in time if done correctly. As one of my sons isn't currently employed, I may give him some work with the cart. A rising tide lifts all boats - or so they say.

In the meantime, I hope to write more when the cast comes off, and this is much less difficult to do. Please continue to follow my work, and I hope you'll download the NewsBreak app and share my stories with your friends.

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