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Feeling Hungry and Lucky? We Tried Mr. Lucky's at The Bristol Casino

John M. Dabbs
Mr. Lucky's - Bristol CasinoJohn Dabbs/Photographer

Sleeping in a bit this morning, we skipped breakfast and washed the car before doing some errands. Being famished by 12:30 p.m., we made our way over to the Bristol Casino to check out Mr. Lucky's. I'd never heard of the establishment before the casino came to town, and having tired of the same-old-same-old we wanted to try something new.
Bristol CasinoJohn Dabbs/Photographer

We found the casino to be packed, and the parking lots full in the guest area. We were lucky enough to find one person pulling out and obtaining their parking spot near the gaming entrance. They scanned both of our IDs to verify they had checked us -not that we look under 21 these days- but they did their due diligence.

Mr. Lucky's

Being very hungry, and wanting to try something new, we opted for Mr. Lucky's instead of the pizza place across the hall. The dining room was nearly empty, with only three other couples and a large group there upon our entry. We were promptly seated and they took our drink order.

We looked over the menu and found the prices to look a little above customary prices, but reserved judgment until we saw the food. Our drinks arrived about 10 minutes later, and our server another 10-15 minutes after that. We decided this was not fast food, and as we were starving, even contemplated leaving to try the pizza joint across the hall to see if it would be quicker.

Our server arrived with fresh drinks a few moments after taking our order, and we saw a couple near us receive their order. It looked delicious, and the presentation was very nice. My wife had ordered the turkey club sandwich with fries, and I ordered the grilled cheese and tomato soup - this also came with fries (it didn't need fries as the soup and sandwich would be enough by itself).

The arrival
Turkey club and friesJohn Dabbs/Photographer

The picture doesn't do this sandwich justice. It was huge. Piled high with deli-sliced turkey, crip bacon, and fresh lettuce with mayonnaise on fresh sourdough bread that was perfectly toasted - it was delicious (she let me have a taste). The sandwich was approximately 2-1/2 inches high and 5-1/2 inches square (before being cut diagonally). The fries were also served crisp and warm with perfect seasoning. The pickle you see in the photo was a fresh kosher kill spear.
Grilled cheese and tomato soup, served with friesJohn Dabbs/Photographer

The presentation was very nice (the photos were a bit cloudy as I borrowed a camera that needed the lens cleaned). The grilled pimento cheese was also around 5+ inches square (before being cut), and was piled with thick cheese - it was delicious. The roasted tomato soup looked great but wasn't quite as "tomatoey" tasting as I am used to. It was okay though - and I finished off both. The fries were another story. They too were crisp and perfect, but I could only eat two or three - I was stuffed.

Thoughts on the experience

The staff and decor of the restaurant were pleasant and the food presentation was excellent. The timing was a little slow for what we expected yet the food quality was very good. As for the prices, they seemed a bit high initially. They were good for the amount of food received, and the total bill wasn't bad even after I added a gratuity.

I'd recommend the restaurant, but wouldn't expect anything extra-special in the way offerings, but what is offered is worthwhile. Expect a bit of a wait, and if you don't have to wait you'll be pleasantly surprised. We'd eat here again, though we will most likely try out the pizza place next, just to see what it's all about.

You can find Mr. Lucky's menu here online. Check it out.

About Mr. Lucky's

Mr. Lucky's features contemporary regional cuisines using fresh beef, fresh seafood, and other locally-sourced ingredients. Its menu offers pasta, house-made soups, steaks, seafood, and specialty items.

You'll find the restaurant open in the casino from 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and open until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

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