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Packed Parks and Summer-Like Weather have Tri-Cities Thriving

John M. Dabbs
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With temperatures soaring and summer-like weather across the region, it seems everyone is taking the opportunity to get out and enjoy the weather.

A taste of summer fills the parks

Amid the perfect summer time weather we experienced across the region, the parks have been packed in most areas of the Tri-Cities as residents and visitors took to the outdoors to soak up some sunshine and well deserved respite from the seasonal cold and rainy waves typical of spring in Tennessee.

Making several stops around the region during the weekend, I noted a lot of outdoor activity at the Birthday Bash of Wrecking Crew Harley Davidson on the motor mile in Johnson City last Saturday. The crowds were also out at Warriors Path State Park, Roan Mountian State Park, Steele's Creek Park, and Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium.

It was not just the people enjoying themselves that seemed to be having fun and taking in the weather that added to the good natured chaos across the area. Most of the restaurants, food trucks, stores and vendors also appeared to be having a good weekend.

Lines were not at every venue visited, but there were people everywhere this weekend and gave a lot away as to how the people in the region are doing. They are ready to thrive. with COVID-19 all but in the rearview mirror for most in the region, the area is ready to get back to business of working, resting, relaxing, and getting on with their lives in the best way they no how - in waves.

The business is picking up at the lakes as TVA is returning them toward their summer levels. Fort Patrick Henry Lake being one of the very few which doesn't fluctuate much with the seasons retains a lot of visitors year round. The TVA Boone Lake reservoir is nearing summer levels, with the gratitude of lake residents and those in the Bluff City area where the river is returning to lake status for the summer.

With most all work complete at the Boone Dam, many people are returning to the dam reservation to enjoy the view and amenities. I hope to cover that in an upcoming article - so stay tuned!

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