Big Brother and The Matrix are Back

John M. Dabbs
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Parler, Twitter, Facebook... they have been compromised. 1984 is back and Big Government has reloaded its matrix. The National Security Agency (NSA), Google, Apple, Facebook, the CIA, and FBI will be monitoring your accounts.

Republicans targeted

This Orwellian saga is right for Hollywood's movers and shakers. The script is in. Trump and Trumper's alike have been disavowed on a mass scale worldwide, while the Democratic party has returned to power and The Empire Strikes Back. RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and Never-Trumpers have infiltrated the conservative ranks and begun their own Clone War.

Where to hide

The airwaves belong to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), as does the internet (in the U.S.). All conservative plans and thoughts are subject to scanning and reading by the NSA and other Big Brother outfits. You can run, but you can't hide.

As most businesses and many individuals have moved to store their data on the cloud, whether it be Apple's iCloud, Microsoft's OneDrive, or Google's Google-Drive... we are storing our data on the servers operated by the left-leaning corporations who fund the democratic machine. The same goes for text messaging. Verizon or Apple's iMessage... they all go through their servers.

All of this online storage is actually maintained on the server farms belonging to major companies, as named above. Our e-mail, social media, business data... it's all there. It would be easy for them to scan the data for keywords and pick up on any trends and search for the information they wanted. It could be a surgical strike on those who would think differently than our fearless high commander.


Let's sit back and take a breath. 1984 was a best seller and has regained it's best-seller position again. Many people (most likely those of the far-right) fear the government is being led by socialists who intend to destroy the country. They also surmise the media is working with them in an effort to consume and destroy anyone in their path who would oppose them. I imagine the far-left felt the same way when Donald Trump became the President of the United States. It could have been why there were so much public crying and college campuses having to have "safe-rooms" where the kids could be in a safe place to hold their teddy bears and take a nap. They couldn't cope.

Conservatives pride themselves on acting conservatively and holding a conservative position. Most of the conservatives in the country were shocked by the mob going for the senate at the capitol this year. They knew it was time to back off, as people were getting swept up in emotion and not thinking logically. Gotta use your head.

Polarizing actions and policies

The president and his administration began to sow the seeds of discontent by pulling at the scabs of our country. Things we believed were healing began to well-up again and caused inflammation that carried further than it should. The mainstream media could be held partially to blame.

I'm talking about President Obama. Coming into the presidential race he was a shoo-in. The name "Barrack Hussein Obama" wasn't even an issue, though we'd just fought a Hussein. His name appeared to have middle-eastern origins, but we are bigger than that. The fact he is a black man wasn't an issue (for the majority of people). He was and still is cool looking and cool acting. He's the kind of guy that resonates with suaveness. You would want to be his buddy and hang out. His ideas and policies are another matter. I do not agree with most of them and feel his knee-jerk reaction to many domestic issues caused them to grow bigger than they should have. They grew out of control.

The pendulum swung

After two terms in office, the country wanted someone completely different. Conservatives were looking for someone who actually knew about business and had been in business instead of talking about it and "taking on big-business". In came the master, stage right. Donald J. Trump fit the bill. He was an accomplished businessman and personality who had publicly fired people on his television program "The Apprentice".

Donald Trump is sharp, shrewd, and talented. He also speaks his mind openly and doesn't have a self-censoring vocabulary. He was excellent in playing to the crowds and grew his base. He had heard what the people wanted and was able to parrot their concerns and wants back to them. Trump was elected and continued to rub the mainstream press and the politicians who run our government the wrong way.

Donald Trump is not a politician, and it shows. He managed to get many things done through non-traditional means. He was unable to implement many of his ideas and policies in the traditional method due to his inability to work with politicians and the deep-state working in the bowls of the federal government. People didn't like his methods or abrasive personality, yet the Trump Train of loyalists never swayed and enjoyed the ride.

Back to reality

I believe myself to be an intelligent person, though not nearly the smartest or most wise. I realize I know what I know and do not know many things, including how much I do not know. We must all be in the position of continual learning just to stay abreast of what's happening now.

Another News Break journalist wrote an article about opposing points of view that really opened my eyes. It wasn't' about politics - it was about growing up poor and black and not realizing people treated such people differently until they moved to somewhere else in the country. The takeaway- learn.

We can't begin to get the entire picture if we keep looking from the same vantage point. If we continue to get our news from the same source, we are only getting one viewpoint. It is important to read different newspapers and watch different networks to get differing perspectives on the news. One thing I've also learned, some networks follow talking points used by others in the field with the same influencers. For example, Rush Limbaugh has put together a few "media montages" where he plays many liberal-leaning news anchors reporting the same story almost word for word. Take a hint from that and get your news both from conservative and liberal viewpoints, and where appropriate - look the BBC or another foreign network for their take on the story.

We have to broaden our perspective to get an overview of the whole situation if we are to truly be informed. When you get too close, you can't see the forest for the trees. Sometimes we need a broader perspective on all current events to see multiple sides and get a clearer picture of the issues.

Failure to look at sides before taking an action for fully forming an opinion is amateur. As the adults in the room, it's up to us to be well informed and provide the necessary feedback to our elected officials. Unless we expect them to act on their own without our input. Do we really want them to only hear from their campaign financiers?

Time for all of us to take a breath and relax. President Trump may have been the target of an election fraud scheme, President-Elect Joe Biden may have won fair and square. We'll probably never know for sure, as those in power or with the duty to look into it aren't interested. I do not think it's that they don't care. It is my opinion that if they did find something it would be too inflammatory for many people to handle calmly. It is better to quietly go about correcting potential issues for the future than to take a stand in the middle of a pandemic where everyone is already on edge and stressed to the max.

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