Resorting to Silicone Pans to Fill My Wife's Needs

John M. Dabbs

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Arriving home after work a couple of days ago, I found a box on the porch. It was addressed to my wife. Thinking it could be a present or something personal, I didn’t open it. She likes opening her own mail and packages, so I left it for her.

Arriving home a few hours later, she found and unwrapped the large box. It must have been about 16" long and not nearly as wide. She pulled two silicone items from the box, easing them from their plastic wrappers. One neon pink, the other neon orange, these things had a real and definite shape to them. They stood out as wobbly but flexible. These were bigger than I had imagined, yet I figured they would "fit the bill", as it were.

I looked from her hands to her face. Seeing the expectation and brightness in her eyes, she had the look of a child who had just found a unicorn. The roundness of these shapes was not as large as I would have thought, yet they appeared to be more than adequate.

I knew there had been something missing from our lives for a few months now. We had both been dieting for a couple of years. Even going keto to try and look our best for each other. We were in a real slump. We held out hope for something to bring a spark back into our lives. Maybe this would help. I was ready to try anything to please her.

These silicone donut pans would surely do the trick. The cup-cake/brownies I’d been making her were great — especially when I used real cream and cream cheese to make the icing, or whipped some cream with a packet of Splenda to top them. I had found a recipe for chocolate-covered chocolate keto donuts. The recipe recommended silicone donut pans. She had ordered these from Amazon since we didn’t own any donut mold pans of our own, especially a silicone version.

The next day, my trip to the market provided the needed ingredients. We had donuts for breakfast the next morning. Chocolate cake-donuts with chocolate icing were on the menu... Ahhh! if we’d only found these silicone toys a year ago! There’s nothing like satisfying my woman with a bit of coconut oil and silicone.

I've since become more of a pseudo expert on keto-baking. My wife's cousin, Jessica, has given me a few great ideas too. Homemade keto pizzas are a great treat and have way fewer carbs than the store-bought variety. Keto breakfast casserole, and keto spaghetti, are also frequent recipes in our home.

I've hit a major roadblock recently and gained a few pounds during this holiday season. There is a kettle corn vendor set up beside our son's food truck. We help him out often while he is at his other job. The vendors of the kettle corn place have set me back five pounds. It doesn't help that they are super-nice, very friendly, and great business neighbors. Such is life.

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