UFOs: Aliens or Top-Secret Aircraft

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Do we even know if we are alone?


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Ezekiel saw the wheel. Is this the wheel he said he saw?

In the 1950s, the United States Government began investigating unidentified flying objects, or UFOs. The idea was to determine if these were hoaxes, objects where the public didn’t understand what they were looking at, or if we were under the surveillance of foreign governments. Later speculation was that we could be under the surveillance of extraterrestrial life.


There are quite a few skeptics, but I can tell you without any reservations that there are U.F.O.s out there. I have personally not been able to identify objects that appeared to fly, so that would make them UFOs. Where they “alien”… I don’t think so. I just couldn’t tell what they were. Probably just a weather balloon, drone, or light aircraft of some sort.

The U.S. Developed at least 2 Flying Saucers

1. The Army

There are flying saucers. The United States Army was developing saucer-shaped observation platforms that flew over the treetops in the mid-1950s. These flew but consumed way too much fuel to be practical and could only remain airborne for a few minutes at a time. These were the Hiller VZ-1 Pawnee.


Recuerdos de Pandora, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

2. The Air-Force

The U.S. Air-Force was also developing VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft during the early years of the cold war. Project 1794 led to the development of a saucer-shaped aircraft that was Top-Secret, development began in 1953. The aircraft, which had the code name Project 1794, was developed by the United States Air-Force and Avro Canada. A declassified memo says that Project 1794 is a flying saucer capable of speeds between Mach 3 and Mach 4 (2,300–3,000 mph), with a service ceiling of over 100,000 feet and a range of 1,000 nautical miles (1850km).


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Bzuk, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The “flying saucer” moved by rotating its outer surface (round-wing) at very high speeds, using the Coandă effect. Maneuverability was accomplished using small flaps on the edge of the saucer, similar to ailerons on traditional wings. Jet engines provided the powerplant for the aircraft. Stability problems led the Air-Force to abandon the project, but it was picked up by the U.S. Army for further evaluation as a potential helicopter-type transport. A working prototype of reduced size, dubbed the Avrocar VZ-9, took its first flight in November 1959. Continued stability and performance issues led to the retirement of the aircraft and termination of the project by 1961.

Are their aliens among us?

While we may not know with any certainty whether there are extra-terrestrials living among us, we do know about illegal aliens, undocumented foreigners, or whatever you wish to call them.

The prevalence of “flying saucers” and UFOs began in the late 1940s. We can imagine that beings from beyond our planet came to investigate after the development of atomic weapons. We can also come to the conclusion that the sightings of such UFOs could also have been early models which failed, and other such projects of VTOL and round aircraft that were also being tested as early as the 1940s and began to gather momentum in the number of sightings as technology led to new designs. These have apparently failed on the part of humanity at this point, or we would have seen something commercially by now… either that or the movie industry has asked them to keep it super-secret so it doesn’t interfere with the storylines of their mega-hits. — probably false speculation on that item.


I can’t help but think that our planet may have been visited by intelligent life from another world, or that our world has developed and lost civilizations beyond what our history could record. Most likely due to extinction-level events, or the normal rise and fall of empires. Either could explain why there are pyramids, and many similarities on many continents, which would have been before extensive travel occurred in our history. One can only imagine… what if?



Brian Reynolds from Lexington, Kentucky, USA, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

The Department of Defense formed the Advanced Aerospace Threat Intelligence Program (AATIP) in 2007 at the behest of former Sen. Harry Reid, according to Fox News. It reportedly ceased operations in August of 2020, Politico reported the Department of Defense was still investigating potential episodes of unidentified flying objects under the auspices of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force.

Area-51 is supposedly where alien bodies are kept, along with their spacecraft. There are CIA reports of testing the U-2 Dragon Lady, the A-12 Oxcart, the SR-71 Blackbird, the F-117 Night Hawk, the YF-118G Bird of Prey, Tacit Blue, and the B-2 Spirit.

More stories I've learned personally over the years were about unmarked 737 jets flying to the base to and from the Las Vegas airport. I also heard people here were also charged with using telescopes and drawing a map of the moon in preparation for the lunar landing missions of NASA's Apollo program. I wouldn't have thought this to be such a big secret, but it's possible that it was a big secret at the time.

Hollywood gives us much to speculate on, with movies such as Paul, and Independence Day. Maybe one day we'll know... who knows.

I can see how the clean swooping lines of the Black Bird and the awkward angled lines of the Night Hawk could be interpreted as being not of this world. Alien technology? I'm not sure. Looking back at the Northrop YB-49 Flying Wing, and the B-2 Spirit - you can see many similarities and many differences. I would not think anything about them being similar or being "alien influenced", though the Spirit, with its black color, does remind us more of George Lucas' "Darth Vader", and more sinister presence that the Northrop prototype.

Where do we go from here? I'm sure our imaginations will lead us onward. Life is stranger than fiction. I can see how the secrets of yesterday seem so frivolous and non-important today. I can also see how they really were a very top security concern at the time. Not knowing the specifics and how information fits with other pieces is the key. That's why I believe we think nothing of it - most of the time.

Remember This Point In Time

  • President Ronald W. Reagan initiated the Star Wars - Strategic Defense Initiative
  • President Donald J. Trump instituted the 6th branch of the U.S. Armed Forces: Space Force
  • President Donald J. Trump was also the first president to successfully implement Warp Speed - though it had nothing to do with space or aliens, it was just a means of speeding up a vaccine to the current pandemic.

Keep thinking - and always be skeptical. I hope you've enjoyed this read.

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