Scientists discover a new type of black hole

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They discovered a black hole that has never been seen before.

In the Large Magellanic Cloud, a neighbouring galaxy to our Milky Way, researchers claim there is no alternative explanation for surprising evidence that suggests a stellar-mass black hole.

Researchers think that the star that made the black hole has died without having a big explosion.

This kind of black hole has been discovered previously. On the other hand, the researchers say that this is the first time that a dormant black hole with the mass of a star has been found for sure.

The team that made this discovery has been called the "black hole police" or "black hole destroyers" because of their work in the past to show that previous findings about black holes were wrong.

"This is the first time researchers have come together to report on a black hole finding instead of denying one," says study head Tomer Shenar, from Amsterdam University, in a release.

Scientists who have studied them describe black holes as "needles in haystacks." Astronomers describe them as "needles in haystacks.", dormant black holes are rather abundant in the cosmos, but we know very little about them and have only found a few verified instances.

Being inactive means they are less active in their environment, making them more difficult to find. They've been sought for years, but researchers have been unable to find them.

Many of the things that point to the existence of these black holes can be interpreted in different ways, which makes it hard to prove that they exist.

Researchers studied over 1,000 huge stars in the Turantula Nebula, which is part of the Large Magellanic Cloud, to identify the new case. They were on the lookout for cases in which black holes might be present.

They eventually found VFTS 243. Given that such results are sometimes met with skepticism, researchers carefully looked at the black hole to make sure it really was a black hole.

As a co-author on the study who has been dubbed the "black hole destroyer," Kareem El-Badry expects others in the field to go through our data and come up with alternate ideas.

An article called "A silent black hole formed with a small push from a huge binary in the LMC" came out today in Nature Astronomy.

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