Ten Things You’ll Want to do During a Pandemic

John Andrew

Everyone is trying to figure out how to fill their time and their bank accounts during a healthcare and economic crisis. And while you’ll see 100 and a half lists telling you which things to binge on Netflix, I am here to bring you a manageable list of things you’ll ACTUALLY want to do during the pandemic.

1) Make things that you usually buy

This is probably the best way to make the biggest impact in your quarantined life. Making your own things like deodorant, candles, pet food, hand sanitizer, etc can limit your trips to the store. Most things you need to make all the stuff listed above can be purchased at once in a department store. Also, when you make stuff at home, it’s always cheaper and you usually can make it in bulk.

For example, I started making my own deodorant, and about 10$ gets me enough supplies for about a year of deodorant-making!

2) Reconnect with old friends / family

Right now, everyone stuck at home is a perfect chance to rekindle that lost love, reach out to that estranged cousin, or try to repair the damage between you and an angry sibling. Right now, everyone is socially distancing, feeling a little isolated, and far apart, so many are waiting for someone to reach out to them for a little human interaction!

3) Improve your resume or portfolio

Lots of people are losing their jobs, which means lots of people are Looking for new jobs. If this includes you, then your competition in the job market is probably pretty heavy. Use this extra time at home to spice up your resume with your most recent accomplishments, or add some of those recent projects you’ve been putting off to your portfolio to share with potential employers.

4) Create a self-care regiment

This can be anything from the occasional jog in the mornings to a full on self-cleansing daily regiment. The important thing is, when you feel good, you do good. Your physical health plays a huge part in your mental health, and vice versa. Even the smallest change in one can start a cascade effect of improvement that can keep you clean, safe, and healthy during quarantine.

5) Start a blog or vlog

This is a great way to get that “social interaction” without actually having to go out and meet people! Writing down your experiences, thoughts, and emotions either on paper, or on the web is a great way to process! Getting other people in on the discussion is where the fun begins! Blogs pair well with any crafty or creative hobby you may have started as well, so get those muffin recipes online, and maybe even make a buck or two while doing it!

6) Monetizing your newly-found skills

One of the nice things about all these hobbies that we are coming up with is that they, many of the time, produce a product (think of all the candles, muffins, and soaps people are making right now). Everyone is feeling the economic pressure right now, so why not make a little dough of that dough your baking?

7) Support Local Businesses

While this doesn’t sound like an actual activity, but more of a passive decision, you can actually do a lot to help keep the small and local business afloat but purchasing gift cards for stores and restaurants that are struggling to keep their doors open in the midst of the economic pandemic we are currently facing. Purchasing food for pickup from your local Chinese place, or getting your next ham from the local butcher can go a long way for those businesses, especially if a large number of people start doing the same thing (instead of ordering everything from Amazon).

8) Trim down / Organize Belongings

This is another activity that can have a multitude of benefits besides just the obvious ones. Going through your junk and getting rid of (preferably through donation) your unused things can get rid of a lot of stress (and clutter) in your life. Donating these unused items can help other families who were hit harder to get things cheaply as well.

9) Rearrange Your Furniture

Variety IS the spice of life, and moving your stuff around is a great way to add some of this spice to your life. You can rearrange your kitchen counter top appliances, your garage, your tool shelf, your living room, the man cave, or any other space or container you can think of.

10) Clean Your Stuff

A clean house with sanitized surfaces is one of the most powerful ways to stay safe curing the COVID crisis, and it can take a good chunk out of your day making sure your high-traffic areas are free of contaminates.

And there you have it, 10 ways you can stay sane during the pandemic doing things that actually make a difference in your day to day life.

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