12 grapes at Midnight for Goodluck on NYE

Johanna Miyaki

Eating 12 grapes at midnight on New Year’s Eve is both a tradition in Latino culture, and carries some superstition in Latin American countries around the world. You eat one for each stroke of the clock at midnight, bringing you good luck for each month of the year. But its all or nothing, should you fail to have all your grapes, you are doomed to one year of bad luck.Now most people toast the New yea with a glass of champagne and perhaps have a smooch when the ball drops where ever they are. However the tradition for Latinos is typically all about the first 12 seconds of the New Year and getting all 12 grapes down the hatch if you want the 12 months of good fortune believed to come with it.

I have a friend who panicked when she realized she forgot her grapes one year. She shall remain nameless, lets just say she had a rough year. So, after the year we all just endured that was 2020, I suggest everyone eat thier 12 grapes this New Year, ok?Now, noone should be entertaining in a pandemic but if you were lucky enough to quarantine with loved ones, get your grapes and get ready to celebrate! Seedless are a must and the smaller the better. I like to put 12 grapes in a small bowl for each person. Set a timer, download an app, or if you live near a church with a bell tower clock, even better! (But not necessary at all.) You can even count it down with the ball drop on TV (if that happens this year) or just call it out yourself.Now, this ain't rocket science people, but there are a few way to do this. I follow the *Get in my Face* method, and it works like a charm every year.

  1. *Get in my Face* – Shovel all of the grapes in their mouth at once, chew and wash them down w champagne.
  2. The Fake Out – Start eating the before the countdown even starts and hope no one notices. This is generally frowned upon and is likely to bring you automatic bad luck.
  3. The OCD Method – Neatly line up the grapes in a perfectly straight row and eat them one by one , corresponding with each second of the count down.
  4. The Princess Cut – Cut the grapes into bite size pieces and eat them with a spoon. It works...but where is the fun in that?

However you decide to do it...PLEASE, stay home, stay safe, and eat your grapes!

Happy New Year!
¡Feliz Año Nuevo!


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