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Man Sprints Across Snowy Highway to Help Stop Runaway Car on I-93


A man is being dubbed a hero area after sprinting across a busy highway in the snow to rescue a woman who reportedly lost consciousness at the wheel of her car on I-93. Adolfo Molina of Lawrence, MA sprang into action when he saw the car brushing against the guardrails and accelerating on the shoulder of the road.

The rescue attempt was recorded by a nearby driver and quickly went viral on TikTok. The video shows Molina trying to slow the car down by grabbing the door handles.

Another person came to assist Molina and together they tried to use sticks to stop the still-moving car, which was beginning to head back towards the highway. They managed to push it into the guardrails to slow it down until authorities arrived on the scene.

Molina, a Dominican, was honored for his heroism at the Dominican consulate in Boston, and hopes to be able to meet the woman he saved someday. The quick thinking and bravery displayed by Molina has earned him recognition as a hero in the Boston community.

State police said the driver was a 57-year-old woman was from New Hampshire and said she lost consciousness for unknown reasons. The incident finally was resolved as the car was finally stopped by the divider, in part thanks to Molina and another person who came to assist and help push the car to the guardrails. The woman was transferred to a nearby hospital Molina is being hailed for his heroism.

Molina, 25, works an Uber driver, according to NBC Boston. He said when he saw a driver in trouble he felt the call to help and got out of the vehicle, simply doing everything in his power to stop the runaway car.

His wife, Maytee Pena, spoke to CBS Boston about her husband's bravery and said, "He's a helpful person, so it wasn't surprising, but at the same time it was a sign from God for him to help in that moment."

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