Logic Test – Where To Put the Cart? (opinion)


What Would You Do?

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Leaving the supermarket yesterday, I was greeted with this logic problem. It appears someone had put a large cart in the small cart lane, and other people put their small carts in the large cart lane.

I had a small cart, so should I follow the signs and place mine in the small cart lane? Or do I group it with the other small carts, violating the sign which says only large carts go there?

4 possible answers

1. Put the small cart with the other small carts (in the wrong lane).

2. Put the small cart with the big cart (where the sign says it should go).

3. Re-arrange all the carts to follow the signs.

4. Go full-on Karen and call a manager.


What I did:

I added my cart to the other small carts, violating the sign which said only large carts go there.

Why? Because the human worker involved in returning these carts doesn’t care about the sign. If all the like-sized carts are together, it saves him time and effort.

One could argue that number 3 would help the worker more, but as others are returning their carts, while cars pass by, this could actually create more confusion (or even an accident).

Sometimes, following the “intent” of the law is more important than blindly following the literal law. Laws were made to guide humans along their way, not rise in value above people. It’s kind of like when the Nazarene said, “If you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the Law.”

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