Investigating One Writer's Favorite Money Making Website


I thought I knew all the latest websites for entrepreneurs. After all, I write online almost daily, and to make sure bills get paid even when not word-inspired, I design websites.

That's why I was surprised when one of’s top writer, Tim Denning, said the best money-making opportunity right now is a site I never heard of.

Writers have all kinds of opportunities to build content on various platforms, so finding the hottest one is key.

Tim starts the article, “Most of you are sleeping on this income stream.” And he’s right in my case, I was!

The site Tim is excited about is called Gumroad, which he calls the “one platform that’s silently built a new creator economy. It’s more inclusive and doesn’t require genius skills.”

Essentially, the site is a bunch of content creators also acting as affiliates selling each other's products.

But the magic of Gumroad, according to Tim, is the “platform psychology.” He said that well a lot of people blindly re-post their stuff on other platforms, and then wonder why it doesn't takeoff, Gumroad has built a site where selling other users’ products is the whole point.

That makes it cool to sell!

But there is a catch

Looks like the only way to really sell products on Gumroad is through Twitter and similar social sites. Twitter and Gumroad are "joined at the hip," he says. Therefore you'll need Twitter followers (or other social followers) to sell your products on Gumroad to.

He claims you can get traffic from other social media sites too, but Twitter is the main sales generator. One woman he mentioned said 700 Twitter followers is enough to start selling on Gumroad.

My take

Gumroad is exciting, but Tim’s giant Twitter following gives him an obvious advantage. So, if you have a lot of followers with pre-made content, Gumroad may immediately generate income for you.

Otherwise, it could take time getting enough Twitter fans or other social followers to make Gumroad pay. However, I do wonder how many sales are generated within Gumroad, something I plan to experiment with…

The bottom line is this: Gumroad makes selling products cool, and it’s growing rapidly, so this should definitely be on our radar.

Thanks Tim!

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