Spotify Loses $2 Billion after Joe Rogan Fallout, Leaving Questions…


After Neil Young pulled his entire catalogue from Spotify, the popular streaming service suffered a $2 billion drop in market value.

Now, with Joni Mitchell joining the boycott and news hitting listeners, people are suddenly getting political about a streaming service.

First, it’s important to know Spotify has an exclusive contract with the Joe Rogan Experience, which has an estimated 11 million listeners.

From a business perspective, it doesn’t look good for Spotify. That’s because Rogan fans are already subscribed, so this controversy isn’t likely to gain Spotify many new subscribers.

However, listeners who side with Neil Young and Joni Mitchell can easily switch over to Apple Music, Amazon or wherever...

So, what’s all the hoopla all about?
What else? ‘Rona.
Specifically: Vaccines…

It all started when Rogan hosted a virologist banned from Twitter for alleged misinformation which led to an open letter from medical professionals, saying “Spotify is enabling its hosted media to damage public trust in scientific research...”

That inspired Neil Young to leave the service, and Mitchell followed suit.

So currently, things look shaky for the streaming giant, as they are caught between fans of classic music and fans of the Joe Rogan Experience.

The problem for Spotify is they seem to be in a “lose-only” position… More musicians could drop the service, along with more listeners… But who is Spotify likely to gain to replace them? Is Spotify destined to become a niche streaming service?

But the bigger question concerns our freedoms…

What Does This Mean for Freedom of Speech?

America is a country where various viewpoints have the right to be heard, but the fog gets thick when it comes to protecting peoples lives during a pandemic. Questions suddenly arise we’re not used to asking…

After all, it’s against the law to scream “fire” in a crowded theater if there is no fire. However, medical opinions are never as clear cut or obvious as a “fire,” so things aren’t so simple.

It’s easily argued that part of protecting people is allowing various viewpoints to be heard. The hope is that science-backed information wins when all sides can be heard.

Yet, even with all the controversy, it appears freedom of speech is working perfectly well.

Freedom lets Spotify host who they want.
Freedom lets Joe Rogan host who he wants.
Freedom lets Rogan’s guests say what they want.
Freedom lets people write a letter opposing Spotify’s content.
Freedom lets Neil Young and Joni Mitchell put their music where they want.
Freedom lets us people like us choose which streaming service we want.

Sounds like freedom lets us get what we want.

Keep on rocking. It’s still a free world.

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