Three Cancer Breakthroughs Announced This Week. Does Medical Science Believe a Cure is Finally on the Horizon?

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Scientists are calling the milestones “game-changers.”
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On December 2, 2022, published a promising report on cancer research with the following lengthy title: “EXCLUSIVE: 'It Feels Like Winning the Lottery': Three Terminal Cancer Patients See Their Disease 'VANISH' Thanks to Experimental Vaccine That Melts Away Tumors in Months and Trains Body to Seek and Destroy the Disease.”

The report detailed a new treatment, created by Mount Sinai in New York, that has exhibited remarkable efficacy in early tests with terminal patients.

As excerpted from the report: The vaccine is injected directly into tumors, meaning only patients with external cancerous masses can currently benefit. It contains a higher dose of a naturally occurring protein that rapidly multiplies levels of dendritic cells in the body - also known as 'professor' cells. They kill the tumor and teach T cells in the body to be on the lookout for rogue cancer cells that have spread elsewhere.

Now comes word that not one but three more cancer milestones have been announced this week. Medical analysts, per online postings, are largely becoming increasingly optimistic over such ongoing progress.

Let us explore.

Cancer Research, 2023

According to’s report, “Experimental Pill Sees Cancer Vanish Entirely in a Third of Acute Leukemia Patients,” this new find is showing great promise.

From the article: "We're incredibly hopeful by these results of patients that received this drug. This was their last chance," said study co-author Dr Ghayas Issa, a leukaemia physician at the MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas. "They have progressed on multiple lines of therapy and a fraction of them, about half, had disappearance of their leukemia cells from their bone marrow," he told Euronews Next.

The leukemia pill, however, is not the only such treatment making news today.

Per’s “Pancreatic Cancer Breakthrough: Discovery Suggests Possible Way To Treat Deadly Disease — And A Drug Already Exists To Do It,” one of the most common of all forms of cancer may be treatable with minimal toxicity: The discovery signposts new ways to specifically target pancreatic cancer cells without harming the rest of the body, one of the main challenges that must be overcome when treating cancer... What’s more, a drug already exists that targets a vital part of the metabolic pathway exploited by the cancer cells —it was previously tested in zebrafish and mice to boost ammonia detoxification and protect the liver—and it can be repurposed to target pancreatic cancer.

Finally, for this week’s news of the alleged discovery of “The Holy Grail of cancer detection,” see New York Post article here.


These are developing stories. In the event of pertinent updates to these matters, inclusive of further progress, I will share them here on NewsBreak.

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