California Bill Proposes to Permanently Ban Skittles and Other “Dangerous” Candies

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The issue at hand is one of unhealthy and potentially disease-causing ingredients.
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Most of us are familiar with the dangers of most major label sugar-laden candy. Many of us eat it anyway.

Now comes word, however, that Skittles and other popular brand candies have come to the attentions of state legislatures, who are attempting to permanently ban the offenders due to their ingredients.

Let us explore further.

Candy Companies, 2023

According to a March 21st report from The via Yahoo News, entitled “California Bill Could Ban the Sale of Skittles, Hot Tamales, and More,” if California legislators have their way some of our most stalwart candies will have a shortened state-wide shelf life.

As excerpted from the report: A proposed California bill could ban the sale of Skittles, Hot Tamales candy, Dubble Bubble Twist Gum, and other food items containing chemicals that the legislation’s supporters say are toxic and dangerous.

The ban, if successfully effectuated, would be relegated to the state of California, as opposed to nationally.

The report goes on to state: Introduced by Assemblymembers Jesse Gabriel and Buffy Wicks, AB 418 proposes that California stop manufacturing, selling, or distributing foods that contain Red Dye No. 3, Titanium Dioxide, Potassium Bromate, Brominated Vegetable Oil, or Propyl Paraben.These chemicals can cause significant health problems like increased risk of cancer, damage to the immune system and behavioral issues in children, Gabriel’s office said in a news release.


This is a developing story. In the event of pertinent updates to this matter, inclusive of progress and potential target dates of effectuation, I will share them here on NewsBreak.

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