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Exclusive: Dollar General Locations Drastically Cut Employee Hours During the Holiday Season. Many Quit in Response.

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Many employees have quit in response due to an inability to meet their bills.

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Author’s Note

This article is based on corporate postings and accredited media reports. Linked information within this article is attributed to the following outlets: SauconSource.com and Indeed.com.


In recent months, as I write extensively about the Dollar General superchain for NewsBreak, I have been approached by alleged past and present company employees to discuss various underreported facets regarding the company. I have not yet written about these requests primarily due to a lack of verification.

One current employee, however, has provided me with various pieces of proof regarding her contention, and they have checked out. This employee prefers to remain anonymous, and is presently a store manager.

Dollar General, 2022

Earlier this month, I received the following message on Twitter (edited only for spelling): Hello. I have seen several of your articles on Dollar General. They are all very spot-on for the majority of the stores. However, there is a side that’s not being covered. I need to remain anonymous to keep my job but the word needs to be spread to corporate can hear us and I mean REALLY hear us. This time of year they cut back our payroll budget by almost 100 hours a week. I usually get 200 hours a week to spread throughout my team. The first week of December I have 139. It will get cut smaller and smaller as we near the end of the quarter which is January 31st. I’m losing amazing employees because they can’t afford to work here anymore. They can barely pay their bills during normal months. Now with budget cuts to the bone during Christmas on top of the inflation they are completely screwed. This leaves store mangers to pick up the extra hours and basically work ourselves to death 70-80 hours a week. We can’t keep doing this anymore.

I looked online to check if this was a common occurrence in other locations. Apparently it is, though for varying reasons.

According to an October 23rd report from SauconSource.com, entitled “Signs: Store Cut Hours Due to Potentially ‘Unsafe’ Staffing Level,” the cuts in the Hellertown, Pennsylvania started early: Signs posted on the front doors this weekend alerted customers to a temporary reduction in the store’s hours of operation–and appeared to place the blame for the reduced hours on the Dollar General corporation. “For the next two weeks, Dollar General has SEVERELY cut our hours by almost 30 (hours) each week,” the signs said. “They are so low someone would need to work alone for a significant amount of time every day.”

Further, on sites such as Indeed.com, which includes individual responses from the company to complaints from those identified as past and current employees, such grievances appear to be commonplace.

As excerpted from a November 28th Indeed.com post, which can be viewed by clicking on the above link (edited here for grammar only): I'm a past DG manager. Yes, at first I thought they were fair because they always say customer service is first. They say they take very good care of the employees. No, they don't. For them to be a 4.6 billion corporation and they have cut backs on hours... No way can you feed your family on what they offer. Also, they don't care I'd you work at store by yourself. I was always there alone and then got punished because I couldn't unload frieght. No, I would not recommend this co. To anyone, McDonald's pays more per hour then they do.

The official printed response from Dollar General to this former employee mirrors those of others with similar complaints: While your perspective is unfortunate, we appreciate your feedback and will be sure to share this review with our internal team to improve our team roles in the future. Thank you!


As for the current employee who reached out to me on Twitter, we are in touch and I expect further word to come my way.

I am awaiting a response from Dollar General on these matters.

In the event of pertinent updates, I will share them here on NewsBreak.

Thank you for reading.

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