Walmart and Dollar General Fined For Over-Pricing, Adding to Recent 2022 Challenges

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Though the fines are barely blips considering the earnings of both companies, a message is being sent to superchains nationwide.

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This article is based on corporate postings and accredited media reports. Linked information within this article is attributed to the following outlets:, North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services,, and


According to a recent article from, “Walmart and Dollar General Are Under Fire for Doing This to Shoppers,” fines have been incurred due to malfunctioning technology.

As excerpted from the article: Living in the digital age, we pretty much trust that when a barcode is scanned, the computer registers the right price. We pay, and we carry on about our day. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as exhibited by recent price-scanner errors at large retailers. According to an Aug. 3 press release from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (NCDA & CS), 61 retail stores in North Carolina have been fined a total of $352,420 for overcharging customers during the second quarter of 2022. Walmart and Dollar General accounted for the majority of the penalties, owing a combined total of $257,190.

The article goes on to state 61 stores, comprising several retailers, were impacted: Of the 61 stores, price-scanning errors were detected at 27 Dollar Generals, 19 Walmarts, six Family Dollars, four Advance Autos, two Targets, one Petsmart, one Pet Supplies Plus, and one Compare Foods (a supermarket chain).

Let us review further.

Walmart, 2022

My most recent articles on the Walmart and Dollar General Chains, “Stock Crash Fall Out Continues: Walmart Lays Off Hundreds of Corporate Workers,” and “Dollar General Announces a Sweeping Change Through the Duration of 2022,” respectively, have elucidated current business challenges of both entities.

Excerpted from the former: Other media outlets are reporting these layoffs are only the first of several expected. Per’s “Walmart Lays Off Corporate Employees After Slashing Forecast”: Walmart confirmed on Wednesday that it has begun to lay off corporate employees… Anne Hatfield, a Walmart spokesperson, declined to comment on which divisions were affected but said the retailer is still hiring in parts of its business that are growing, including supply chain, e-commerce, health and wellness, and advertising sales. 

Per the latter piece, referencing a article: About 200 Dollar General stores across the nation will start advertising and positioning $1 products more strategically to customers this year and incorporating a significant change to the purchasing process. The major change is that the retailer is testing self-checkout as the only way of making in-store purchases. The move is to allow store employees to better assist customers.

The self-checkout model for Dollar General is reported to become exclusive within the coming months, though no formal date has been determined.

However, due to the recent fines, price scanner models for both companies may be reconsidered prior to the Dollar General change taking effect, as well as further technological advancements.


As Walmart and Dollar General are at the top of most lists as the highest-revenue generating stores in the country, their influence cannot be understated.

For now, financial analysts continue to scrutinize both companies in the event of further fall out. Should any updates be announced, I will share them here, on NewsBreak.

Thank you for reading.

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