Plans For Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream Location Closings in 2022

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Repercussions from the height of the pandemic continue to impact both self-service and full-service dessert restaurants.

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This article represents the latest in a series that attempts to elucidate the truth behind internet rumors of business downturns and closures.

In my NewsBreak article from earlier this year, “Dessert Locations Scheduled to Close in 2022,” I excerpted a 2020 piece from that addressed the heart of the matter as it regarded one of the United States‘ most popular frozen food locations.

From’s “Why Did Menchie’s Go Out of Business?,” published when the pandemic was at its height: Frozen yogurt fans are going to have fewer options these days as Menchie’s announced plans to close all Northeast Ohio and Erie, Pennsylvania, locations permanently. In a Facebook post, the company explained the hard decision was made due to effects from the coronavirus pandemic.

Though the title as written could be considered “premature” at best, as the company is relatively healthy today in terms of revenue, concerns regarding the pandemic were properly addressed. Using Menchie’s, then, as a current representative of dessert restaurant entities in general, many Menchie’s locations remain open today though the impact of our Covid era continues to be felt.

Let us explore further.

Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream Locations, 2022

The following represents current dessert restaurant locations:

1. According to As an award winning franchise, Menchie's Frozen Yogurt currently serves smiles in more than 540 locations around the world, with stores in development throughout the U.S.A., Canada, Puerto Rico, England, South Africa, Kuwait, Bahrain, The Bahamas, Bangladesh, Guatemala, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, India, China, and Japan.

2. Per Baskin-Robbins has over 8,000 locations, with around 2,550 U.S. stores and approximately 5,500 international stores. 100% of Baskin-Robbins stores are franchised. Overall, the franchise system generates around $1.9 billion of annual revenue.

3. states: There are 4,358 Dairy Queen locations in the United States as of June 13, 2022. The state with the most number of Dairy Queen locations in the US is Texas, with 589 locations, which is 13% of all Dairy Queen locations in America.

4. For an overview of the Pinkberry chain, says: We weren’t sure how many Pinkberry locations there were in 2020 but with some digging, we counted 265 locations in 2021... There are 63 Pinkberry locations in the US and 202 locations in 19 countries outside the US, including 106 locations in Canada. In Canada, Second Cup serves Pinkberry.

5. Lastly, via Serving communities nationwide for 40 years, TCBY is a successful model that has fueled the growth of a thriving industry. TCBY, which currently has over 250 franchise locations worldwide, offers an extensive product line, with most yogurt flavors in varieties that are low in fat, nonfat, or no sugar added.

The above list of largely contemporary numbers (unless otherwise noted) offers a perspective of each company’s current state of affairs. The linked site shares additional details regarding changes in numbers of locations from 2020-2021.

According to my own “Dessert Locations Scheduled to Close in 2022“ piece, also linked above, Pinkberry remains the most troubled in terms of business, though others such as Baskin-Robbins are increasing their location counts overseas to notable business increases.


Though most in the industry consider Pinkberry as the most downtrodden of the five listed companies in terms of business, as a targeted Google search will verify, for now the company remains operational with no official word of company-wide closure.

For the present, the other companies are reported to be safe and in various stages of health, though certain location closures of each are expected to continue to be considered as a stop-gap against underperformance.

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