Plans for Walmart Closings in 2022

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Walmart is the nation’s largest brick and mortar retailer, but are more lower-performing locations expected to close in 2022?

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This article is free of opinion and bias, and is based solely on international statistics and accredited media reports. All listed facts within this article are fully-attributed to several economic experts and media outlets, including, The Wall Street Journal,, Business Insider, and


On January 8, NewsBreak published my article, “Is Your Neighborhood Walmart Planning to Permanently Shut Its Doors?” See here.

From the article, in an excerpt from Walmart is closing some of its stores to focus more on e-commerce as of 2022. A recent analysis of the company’s revenue reveals that more customers now prefer shopping online to visiting Walmart stores. Therefore, Walmart’s business operations are currently shifting to support online shopping and maintain fast, efficient, and reliable services.

The Wall Street Journal posted a graphic listing specific Walmart locations that closed during their previous large scale shuttering in 2016. See here for that list, and here for related WSJ article, “Walmart Makes Rare Retreat on Home Turf,” which discusses the closure of 269 stores.

Business Insider lists Walmart locations that shuttered in 2019, a year that saw closures in several locations, though not as numerous as in 2016.

Several high-profile economic outlets are now comparing the 2016 and 2019 closings to Walmart financial status for this calendar year. For those locations that have recently and temporarily closed due to scheduled deep-cleaning as a Covid-19 precaution, see BestLifeOnline article here.

There has been some shifting in location status over the last decade, but what precisely is the state of Walmart today?

Let’s explore.

Walmart Closings, 2022

According to Walmart’s corporate website, the company is presently in healthy financial condition: Today, Walmart operates approximately 10,500 stores and clubs under 46 banners in 24 countries and eCommerce websites. We employ 2.3 million associates around the world — nearly 1.6 million in the U.S. alone.

The website further lists the number of their current locations: 10,566 total retail units comprised of 4742 Walmart U.S. stores, 600 Sam's Club U.S. stores, and 5224 Walmart International stores.

Outside of the occasional temporary closure for cleaning purposes and permanent closure for low performance, Walmart stores under their corporate name are largely expected to remain consistent with the above numbers.

But, what of Sam’s Club, a Walmart sister company owned by the same corporation?

As seen above, Sam’s Club presently has 600 fully operational U.S. locations. In 2018, that number was higher. See here for another Business Insider article, this one listing 63 Sam’s Club locations that permanently closed four-plus years ago, and the reasons for those closures.

However, there is nothing per Walmart’s corporate website, or any accredited media outlet, that states Sam’s Club is closing locations in 2022.

Among the reasons for the recurring rumors that either Walmart locations themselves, or Sam’s Club locations, are in trouble is that simple internet searches will drive traffic to social media sites where those rumors began, or old listings will appear on top of search engines.

Until Walmart’s corporate office announces closures either temporary or permanent, it is safer to assume your neighborhood Walmart location, save for those stores discussed in my prior article, will remain open and thriving.


As discussed in my previous article on the matter (linked above) Walmart’s history of closing stores has been well-documented and commented upon.

For the moment, further closures do not appear to be imminent.

If anything changes in the near-future, I will update this article with newly-reported information.

Thank you for reading.

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