How to Find Free Cars in 2022

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As with housing and land, little-known programs and strategies to locate free cars have existed for decades, but they most often come with substantial conditions.
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Author’s Note

This article is free of opinion and bias, and is based solely on accredited car industry media reports and various state programs. No advice is offered herein on the part of the author, other than to strongly suggest undertaking comprehensive due diligence regarding any potential opportunity. Sources for this article include,,,, and, the federal government’s online database for current grant programs.


Similar to what I had mentioned within my prior NewsBreak article, entitled “How to Find Free Land and Houses in the United States,” programs exist for no-cost cars as well. In this event particularly one would most often have to prove a financial hardship; however, one does not necessarily have to be economically disadvantaged to receive a new vehicle at no cost.

There are many methods to attain a free car, among them a vehicle donation, an inheritance, of course, and auctions where one could on occasion win a bid and receive a second vehicle at no cost. Some dealerships do the same, but be wary of scams; see “Buy One Car, Get One Free Offers [Are they Legit?]” from

What I will be primarily referring to in this article are cars that one can receive at no cost, free and clear. They do exist, and money does not have to be outlaid.

What follows will elucidate various programs and strategies in that regard.

Free Car Outlets

In 2021, posted “How to Get a Free Car When You Can’t Afford One On Your Own.”From the article: Many people find themselves needing a car but unable to afford one. Fortunately, there are organizations that recognize this and try to bridge the gap by giving away free cars. You do have to demonstrate financial need to qualify.

The article goes on to extensively list various U.S.-based charities, such as Cars4Heroes, Cars4Christmas, and 800-Charity Cars that will help one find a free car, based on qualifications., in an updated January 22, 2022 article, lists “10 Legit Ways to Get Free Cars (Car Programs.” In addition to several of the same outlets as listed on the Dollar Sprout website, this article also lists family organizations, and unique outlets such as to find a new vehicle. devotes a page to government car programs. See here. I will, however, offer a strong caveat about the possibility of attaining such aid from the government: The opportunities are increasingly scarce and primarily offered to the disabled community, which is stated in the piece. The possibility of attaining general government grants, though — as mentioned in the DollarSprout article, above — are much more significant. To that end, the federal government maintains an online page,, which lists current federal grant programs.

Again, nothing will come easy, but various legitimate and legal possibilities exist nationwide for attaining a vehicle at no cost.


I will adapt the conclusion of this article from that of its NewsBreak companion piece, “How to Find Free Land and Houses in the United States,” as the same general principals apply:

Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, once said: “Nothing in this world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty." See here for full quote as posted on Goodreads and attributed to "Theodore Roosevelt, American Ideals: And Other Essays, Social and Political," a book written by the former president.

As it regards free cars in our modern-day United States, the attainment thereof will not come easy, but it is certainly very possible to succeed in this effort.

My best advice is to scour the internet for such offers, and to always do due diligence on any such potential opportunity once located.

Thank you for reading.

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