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This Massive Thrift Shop in Ohio is a Must-Visit

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Spending some time at your local thrift store can be a cool way to spend your day. There's always something there for everyone and for an amazing deal too!

In the great state of Ohio, there are a ton of amazing thrift stores, but there's one that is a must-visit.

The store is called Ohio Thrift in Columbus, OH.

One website says, "Ohio Thrift Store has been providing high-quality goods and friendly service to the central Ohio area since the late 1980s, and it's led to them becoming one of the best thrift store chains in the state. They obtain their merchandise from non-profits, brokers, liquidations, buy-outs, and even directly from manufacturers so they always have the best prices."

The thrift shop's website says, "Ohio Thrift is a for-profit organization that has been serving Central Ohio since the late '80s. Our dedication to providing quality goods and services has enabled us to be a leader in our industry."

Open hours for this shop vary but typically they are open from 9 am to 9 pm.

"Ohio Thrift obtains its merchandise from non-profit organizations, brokers, liquidations, and buy-outs. We also buy directly from manufacturers, which allows us to offer the best prices and discounts to the public," their website also says.

Their website goes on to say, "Furthermore, our constant strive to better our environment has resulted in Ohio Thrift becoming a major center for recycling of rags and other materials with a production of approximately 4 million pounds per year."

The thrift shop has several locations in the Columbus area.

What do you think about this? Have you ever been to this thrift store? What are your favorite thrift stores in Ohio? Comment below and let me know!

You can click the following link to go to this thrift store's website:

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