$2,000 stimulus could be coming to eligible Pennsylvania residents

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Disclaimer: The following information was gathered from Fox8 and Pittsburgh's Action News and is for 2022. It is for educational purposes.

According to a recent article, a $2,000 payment could be coming to eligible Pennsylvania residents.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf is calling on the legislature to support the plan to send out $2,000 checks to some Pennsylvania residents.

Wolf had this to say in the article, "The cost of everything from gas to groceries is a little higher right now than it was just a few weeks ago, and for Pennsylvanians living paycheck to paycheck, even a small increase in expenses can mean painful decisions like paying for food or rent."

Wolf went on to say, "I see that pain in communities across Pennsylvania and I want to talk about solutions. I want to put $2,000 checks into the hands of Pennsylvanians and families that need it.”

The payment would be going to Pennsylvania households that had a yearly income of $80,000 or less.

“Now is the time to act, and the bill has already been introduced in the General Assembly,” Wolf said in the article. “To the Republican leaders in the General Assembly, I say let’s pass this bill now.”

In the article, Wolf proposes what is called the PA Opportunity Program, which would have the payments come from the $500 million in the American Rescue Plan Act.

In another article from Pittsburgh's Action News, it was reported that Pennsylvania has billions of dollars in federal ARPA money that is currently not being used.

That money will have to be sent back to the federal government by late December 2024. Unless, of course, it is used in Governor Tom Wolf's plan on sending out $2,000 checks to the eligible Pennsylvania residents.

Wolf said this in the article, "I’m talking about $2 billion that’s sitting in a checking account out in Harrisburg. If we don’t use it by the end of 2024, we have to send it back to Washington.”

In another article, Meg Snead, Acting Human Services Secretary had this to say, "The opportunity grants are an investment in caring for people, our foremost responsibility and duty as government."

This payment could help families who are still struggling to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and the high inflation rates across the United States.

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You can click the following link to go to the article where the above information was found: https://fox8.com/news/this-state-is-considering-2k-payouts-for-residents/

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