Five affordable restaurants in Georgia that are considered the best places to eat in the state

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Disclaimer: The following information was gathered from OpenTable and is for 2022. It is for educational purposes.

If you're looking for some great affordable places to eat in Georgia, you might want to consider the following restaurants.

The website OpenTable has a list of some of the best affordable restaurants in the state. These restaurants were categorized as the cheapest options on the website. Here's what some of them are.

1. Seven Lamps in Atlanta, GA. This American restaurant has great outdoor dining options and is a good choice for lunch.

"We feature fresh, local "craft" foods made with passion. We make just about everything from scratch, offering the highest quality with sizable portions; think "elegant comfort" food," their bio says.

The most popular menu items here are Crispy Brussel Sprouts, The Burger, and the Pimento Cheese Board.

2. The Collins Quarter in Savannah, GA. This Contemporary American restaurant is classified as a neighborhood gem.

"By day, The Collins Quarter is a bustling and vibrant café, serving an all-day brunch menu and delicious beverages. By night, the café transforms into a candlelit restaurant," their bio says.

The most popular menu items include Pan Roasted Scallops, Pork Belly, and House Salad.

3. Tin Lizzy's Cantina in Buford, GA. This Tex-Mex restaurant is ranked very well in its food and service.

"Known for its fun atmosphere and creative food with unique flavors, Tin Lizzy's Cantina serves delicious soft tacos, quesadillas, specialty skillets and more, comprised and influenced by many cultures," their bio says.

4. Ocean & Acre in Cumming, GA. This Seafood Restaurant is a great affordable choice for special occasions.

"Ocean and Acre is a dining destination combining the majesty and freshness of the land and sea," their bio says.

The most popular menu items here are Fish & Chips, Hot Buttered Lobster Roll, and Seafood Risotto.

5. Oliver's Corner Bistro in Macon, GA. This American restaurant has a great 4.8 out of 5-star rating on the website.

"Our menu features dishes assembled from the freshest ingredients, sure to bring bold and inspiring flavor into your life. Upscale, quality food meets welcoming friendly service and a comfortable environment," their bio says.

Their menu includes pasta, steak, seafood, salad, and more!

Those are five affordable restaurants that are considered some of the best places to eat in the state of Georgia.

What do you think about these restaurants? Have you been to any of them? What are your favorite affordable restaurants in Georgia? Comment below and let me know!

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