Labor shortage poses a threat to the United States. What can we do to stop it?

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, people have been quitting their jobs at an almost record-high rate.

Businesses are having a hard time filling in open positions and keeping them filled. What are some of the reasons behind this labor shortage? What can we do to stop it? Let's discuss.

One reason behind the labor shortage is pretty simple. People want more money. In an article for Business Insider, it was reported that analysts for CNBC found that even a $15 minimum wage would not be enough for most families.

It was also reported that businesses with higher salaries didn't struggle with labor issues or understaffing.

Another reason for the labor shortage is that some people simply found out that they didn't enjoy their jobs anymore.

In a survey on Indeed from people who quit at least two jobs since March of 2020, 92% of them said that the pandemic made them realize that life was too short and they didn't want to stay in a job they weren't passionate about.

Some people are still concerned about the health risks that come from working in a pandemic. As COVID and its variants continue to spread, some workers may not want to come back until the pandemic is officially behind us.

Burnout and stress are some other reasons why there is a labor shortage in the US. When a business gets understaffed, that puts the remaining workers under even more pressure, leading to added stress.

Nurses and doctors who have been on the frontlines of this pandemic are also struggling with their own shortage of employees.

So, what can we do to stop this labor shortage? Well, there's no easy answer. One option involves a wage increase.

Another option involves waiting the pandemic out. When it's over and put behind us, we'll all be able to relax a little bit more and people won't have to worry about a life-threatening virus when they go to work.

So, what do you think about the labor shortage in the United States? What do you think can be done to stop it? How long do you think it will last? Comment below and let me know!

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