The Governor of Washington is set to give over $600 million to help fight climate change

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Governor of Washington Jay Inslee is prepared to ramp up his administration's response to climate change, according to an article from KOMO News.

Gov. Inslee recently proposed a plan that would have him spend approximately $626 million to help fight climate change. The money would be spent to help reduce carbon emissions from buildings and invest in clean energy for transportation.

$100 million would also go towards rebates for owners/buyers of electric cars, the article says.

Gov. Inslee has cited that recent climatological events including flooding, wildfires, and extreme temperatures are reasons why some lawmakers in Washington state want to help protect the planet from climate change.

During Gov. Inslee's State address, he said this, "It's found in the eyes of people who saw floods go through their windows in Everson; evacuees who returned to see the charred ruins of their homes in Malden; or the Colville Tribes who lost 600,000 acres of timber to wildfires."

Some key GOP lawmakers have different ideas on where the money could be spent. Some suggest that funds be directed to forest health, drought resiliency, flood protection, and cleanup of Puget Sound.

State Representative Mary Dye says, "We view Puget Sound as a national treasure. One that needs significant commitment of dollars to assure that we restore and recover that ecosystem."

The plan has gotten some pushback from some lawmakers, who are concerned about where the money for Inslee's plan would come from.

So, what do you think about Gov. Inslee's plan? Do you agree with it? Comment below and let me know!

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