Gov. Evers says Wisconsin is ready to take on future Covid-19 surges

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Recently, Governor Tony Evers sat down with TMJ4 News and talked about the possibility of an upcoming wave of COVID-19 cases as the Omicron variant spreads.

When asked if the state was prepared for a surge with Omicron, Evers had this to say: "Well, I think yes, the answer is yes. We've worked with our good folks at the county levels and the municipal levels for the whole time, and I know they're ready and able to take it on."

Evers was asked about home testing kits and if the state of Wisconsin would supply them. "Yes. Absolutely. Because I think testing is part of the solution... when they find out that they are COVID positive, they can at least avoid other people and not infect other people or get treatment right away, or hopefully both," Evers said.

According to TMJ4 News, President Biden announced that 500 million rapid home-testing kits would become available online in January for free.

As Omicron spreads, Evers believes getting people vaccinated is the best step forward. "We need to get people vaccinated, and that will continue to be an issue. Unfortunately the vaccine became a political issue across the country. And Wisconsin is no different than that. But we're going to continue to fight for that," Evers told TMJ4 News.

You can click the following link to go to the official TMJ4 News article where the above information was found:

So, have you gotten the Covid-19 vaccine? Do you think Wisconsin is prepared for another wave of the virus and the Omicron variant? Comment below and let me know!

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