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Milwaukee set to have more car thefts than Chicago in 2021

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This year, Milwaukee has already broken its previous record for the number of car thefts in the city. But, a more surprising fact is that Milwaukee is set to have more car thefts than the city of Chicago in 2021, even with a population that's roughly four times smaller.

In 2021, there have been over 9,700 car thefts in Milwaukee, which translates to about 30 a day. According to Milwaukee police, Kias and Hyundais are the most targeted vehicles with 71% of all car thefts in the city.

Earlier this week, Milwaukee police sat with the Common Council's Judiciary Committee to discuss the increasing amount of car thefts. The City's Attorney Office states that it is not involved in any lawsuits against Hyundai or Kia at this time, but are looking at legal options.

This rise in car thefts raises a question on how we can make our cars more resistant to theft. Milwaukee police say they have been in contact with Kia and Hyundai about the issue.

There are some ways to help decrease the likelihood of your car being stolen. Things like parking in well-lit areas, closing your windows, and not leaving valuables in your car can all help decrease the chance of car theft.

You can click the following link for a video from TMJ4 News, where the above information was found:

So, what do you think about the increasing rate of car theft? Did the numbers surprise you? What do you suggest should be done about the problem? Comment below and let me know!

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