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Actor Terry Crews faces backlash over Amazon ad

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Famous actor Terry Crews, best known for his roles in "Everybody Hates Chris", "The Expendables", and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" has come under fire for a recent advertisement he did for Amazon in which he makes it seem like the company is a fine place to work.

For a while now, Amazon itself has been under fire for its poor treatment of its workers, with many citing how the workers don't get paid enough and the grueling working conditions. So to have Amazon pay Crews a bunch of money to star in the ad is a bad look for the company.

In the ad, Crews, 53, dresses up in an Amazon uniform while excitedly packing orders and hanging out with employees. He touts the company's many benefits, including paid tuition and flexible hours. Crews uploaded the ad to his own TikTok account and has since received hundreds of negative comments. Many claim that Crews "sold out" and also accuse him of being a "union buster." Some people even claim that Crews was "cosplaying as a poor person" in the ad.

One Twitter user had this to say: "This is Terry Crews trying to Union bust for Amazon, a multi-billion-dollar company who doesn't want to pay their workers more." While another user said this: "This is Terry Crews cosplaying as a poor person to do an ad for union-busting. He's basically John Cena's character from Suicide Squad now."

Crews has yet to release a statement about the controversy but you can imagine that, because of the immense backlash, he will at some point. A link for the ad is right here:

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