Burgers! Should California's Beloved In-N-Out Burger Come to Florida?

Joe Duncan

White Castle is now officially in Florida and now some are pushing for In-N-Out to move to the state from out West and Texas

Earlier this year, White Castle, the famous Northern chain restaurant, notable for its small, square burgers, opened in Orlando. White Castle has only opened a couple of new locations this year across the United States, with the chain expecting to open between three and five across the entirety of America this year.

Other locations include Scottsdale, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada.

I remember a few years back when they did a "test run" and temporarily opened up a White Castle ghost kitchen in Orlando to allow Floridians a bite of the tasty treat that northerners have enjoyed since 1921.

It was massively popular, and people waited in line for hours to get a taste of White Castle burgers. Considering how many snowbirds have moved to Florida from the north, I'm sure for them it must've been a delightful little nostalgic taste of home.

And then the White Castle officially opened in Orlando back in May, meaning the franchise was here to stay. And this has gotten many Floridians thinking, what about other beloved chains from other states?

One restaurant that people from California, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, and Texas must be dying for is In-N-Out. Currently, the chain only has restaurants in the aforementioned states, but some people right here in Florida are pushing to have the chain open up locations here in the state.

Map from the official site of In-N-Out BurgerIn-N-Out Official Site

For those not in the know, In-N-Out is another classic drive-in burger joint that's popular out West, with some locations in Texas as well, and they're famous for their never-frozen ingredients. In-N-Out prides itself on its freshness and claims that by never freezing the ingredients used in its foods, it produces a better product for the consumer.

Jimmy Patronis, the Chief Financial Officer of the State of Florida, is now trying to encourage In-N-Out Burger to head this way, making its way across the continent to break new ground by opening up a few restaurants here in the Sunshine State.

In-N-Out Burger signAndrew Weibert

The burger chain has been battling with Northern California officials over vaccination requirements.

As CBS News reported:

The company's Fisherman's Wharf location — its only one in San Francisco — was temporarily shut by the Department of Public Health on October 14. Authorities said the burger chain refused to bar clients who couldn't show proof of vaccination to dine indoors, as required by a city mandate that took effect August 20. More cities are rolling out vaccination mandates for restaurants and other businesses as the pandemic continues, including New York, New Orleans and San Francisco. That puts the onus on restaurant owners to check patrons' vaccination status, a task that has prompted some fast food locations to simply shut their indoor seating due to staffing and safety issues, CNBC reported earlier this month.

And it's with all of this in mind that Florida might be positioning itself to become the land of opportunity for a lot of establishments who are tired of the rules elsewhere. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has made it abundantly clear that he wants Florida to be a place a bit more like the old Wild West, with lax rules, even if that means resorting to Draconian measures to have them implemented and enforced.

Mr. DeSantis isn't afraid to let the virus run wild in the State of Florida, as he's chosen to prioritize what he feels is a robust economy over public health, at a time when other states have been devoutly more concerned with public health than the potential economic gains that might come at the cost of human lives.

Arnie Wensinger is the Chief Legal and Business officer for In-N-Out Burger and Arnie has gone on record stating that the company feels strongly that it's not In-N-Out's place to be the enforcement arm of local governments in terms of vaccine mandates.

The company feels it's not responsible for being the one to tell employees what they can and cannot put into their own bodies.

So there's a very real possibility that with all of the demographic shifts going on in the United States, In-N-Out Burger could end up right here in Florida. What are your thoughts?

Do you think we should have In-N-Out here in Florida?

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