This Florida Teen Will Be Tried as an Adult in a Vote-Rigging Scandal for Her Homecoming

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Florida Teen Rigs Her Homecoming to Become Queen

While vote-rigging has been part of the national dialogue over the past several months since the presidential election, another form of vote-rigging was going on and now charges are being filed. Back in March, a then-17-year-old, Emily Rose Grover, was arrested for rigging the votes to her high school homecoming so that she would win, crowning her the homecoming queen. Back on October 31st of 2020, shortly before the presidential election, Emily Rose Grover was crowned the homecoming queen of Tate High School, in Escambia Florida. The photos were dazzling, the moment must've been perfect, and Emily must've felt she deserved it.

But at the same time, an investigation was soon to be underway, alluding to the fact that Emily may have thought she was getting away with the perfect crime (even if it's quite harmless). It's alleged that she and her mother accessed the school's voting system in order to rig the votes in favor of herself.

It needs to be said here that cheating in a national election is significantly harder (and the risks are significantly higher) than cheating a high school with nowhere near the funding as the Secretary of State and Division of Elections. And even cheating a high school seems to have proven to be difficult.

After an investigation was conducted, it was found that hundreds of votes went in favor of the teen that were described as fraudulent. The system was triggered after 117 votes came from the same IP address, the address that tracks computers online. It appears as if a cell phone belonging to her mother, Laura Rose Carroll, that the two may have conspired to gain unauthorized access to the system in order to cheat and crown her queen.

And now, though the events took place while the teen was a minor, she'll still be tried as an adult.

Emily Rose Grover now faces up to 16 years in Florida prison if convicted. She and her mother were both charged with multiple felonies.

The two are currently out on bond, with Emily Rose Grover, the teen, and Laura Rose Caroll, her mother, being released on $2,000 bond and $6,000 bond, respectively. The teen's mother, Laura Rose Caroll, also faces up to 16 years in prison if convicted.

This has driven a sense of outrage by supporters of the teen and her mother, who've said, "These are good people." I think a lot of people share this sentiment. When the story first began to unfold, I scratched my head, puzzled, myself. Sixteen years in prison seems a little extreme for cheating to make yourself a homecoming queen. It seems like a crime that would fetch a few months of community service, at most, but perhaps prosecutors will lower the charges to something more reasonable. This happens often.

Otherwise, it seems like two lives might be ruined for an act of vanity, perhaps even a terrible prank, the kind of things that people in high school tend to do. Is this another example of the justice system overstepping its boundaries? Or is this a serious crime that should be prosecuted to the fullest extent? I'll let you be the judge.

Both suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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