The Complete Absurdity of Blaming Liberals for Texas’ Nightmarish Power Failures

Joe Duncan

Republicans failed and now they’re blaming liberals in deep Texas

In the past few weeks, Texas Governor Greg Abbot was scrambling to restore power to millions of people in the deep-red state of Texas after a massive series of storms delivered a one-two punch to the entire state. Texas was hit by an uncanny winter snowstorm, with temperatures now resting uncomfortably below zero, right after it had been slammed with rain the week prior. With subzero temperatures and millions without power, over 30 people have died at the time of this writing.

Residents can’t get access to food, medicine, or warmth. Some residents have taken to cutting up their fences to burn for wood in order to keep warm enough to stay alive in the sub-zero temperatures.

Water shortages abound as Texans fight for life across the entirety of the state. And seeing as Texas exports much of its power, states as far away as the Dakotas are also experiencing power shortages.

And as all of this unfolds, the Texas Governor came out and said that the big problem was the gas freezing. Texas is highly reliant on gas power for its plants and to heat its homes. Ergo, when the gas freezes, the power stops.


Seems legit so far…

But then, Governor Abbot took to Fox News and changed his tune. He said the Liberals, the Green New Deal, and windmills were to blame. He said it was because of Liberal policies that have secretly overtaken the state rather than his own Republican policies. The liberal agenda is the reason that the state’s power system was failing!

Fox News host Tucker Carlson repeated the lie, saying that “the Great Texas Climate Catastrophe is heading your way!” in a threatening tone, as if to suggest that if we allow the same liberal policies that destroyed Texas out of Texas, it’ll soon happen where you live, too.

It’s all so reminiscent of that time Trump tried to convince us windmills cause cancer and thus we should be afraid of them. It’s as bad as when Tucker said that Joe Biden wants to force Fox News viewers to drink Starbucks whether they like it or not:

“These people seek absolute sameness. Total uniformity. You’re happy with your corner coffee shop. They want to make you drink Starbucks every day from now until forever.”

Yes, that’s an actual quote from Tucker Carlson.

Fox News just loves to keep its viewers living in fear. It’s like a drug that keeps them high on every phobia conceivable. It’s like a real-life gonzo horror movie that people step into and pretend it's real so they can feel the rush of fear.

This has been going on for so long, and Republican leadership has been getting high on their own supply of Fox News bullshit for so long, that they can no longer tell the real from fake.

In blaming The Green New Deal for Texas’ shortcomings, Tucker is pretending the entire state of Texas turned into a hippie commune of flower power and nobody noticed. He’s pretending that Bernie Sanders and AOC came down from the Heavens and forced upon the innocent Texans this atrocious progressive energy policy. He’s acting like Texas is the bastion and poster boy for liberal and progressive energy policies.

Whatever it takes to strike fear into the hearts of viewers, I guess.

Never mind the fact that the Green New Deal is a rough-draft hodgepodge of progressive energy policy proposals that haven’t come close to being implemented anywhere in America yet. Tucker lied and said that because of the Green New Deal, anyways. He said that Texas is now 100% reliant on wind power to fuel their state. And once those wind turbines failed, catastrophe set in.

Texas’ power grid is only 10% wind energy.

The absurdity of it all is embarrassing. It’s not just that I disagree with Republican policies, what bothers me the most is being constantly lied to and expected to go along with those lies.

Texas hasn’t had a Democrat elected to its state government in decades on top of decades. Texas hasn’t voted for a Democratic President since President Carter in 1976, nor a Democratic Senator since 1988. The last time a Democrat was elected to any sort of state office was 1994.

Stop and think about that for a minute…

Nine Inch Nails was just releasing The Downward Spiral. The hit nineties television show Beavis and Butthead was in its second season. White Zombie’s hit album Astro-Creep 2000 hadn’t yet been released and Metallica’s record Load hadn’t even been written. Amazon was just being founded that year and Google wouldn’t exist for another four years. 2pac and Biggie were both still alive. The Wu-Tang Clan had yet to release their second album, Wu-Tang Forever.

Young Millennials were just infants and Gen Z hadn’t even been conceived yet. That was the last time Democrats have had any sort of state-level voice in the Texas State Government.

Yet, this disaster is somehow the fault of the liberals?

This is where the logic breaks down.

How on earth can people support people who lie to them this obviously?

It’s disturbing that the way Republicans are willing to just shamelessly blame the Democrats for all of life’s problems, problems that inevitably come because they’re married to an ideology totally devoid of planning for the future or any sort of basic responsibility. This is what happens when you elect anti-government people to be in charge of the government.

And to top it all off, Texans will likely see their power bills rise, not lower once the bills come due. One Texas mayor told the residents of the town he’s supposed to be in charge of to fend for themselves, saying, “Only the strong will survive.”

As if this is a live-action video game. Here he gambles with people’s lives and enjoys it.

It was the icing on the cake when he said, “No one owes you or your family anything.”

The fact that this is how the mayor of Colorado City, Texas would speak to his own constituents makes me think this sort of sadism runs very deep. This time it isn’t about race. This time it isn’t about ideology. This time it’s about pure and unadulterated sadism.

It seems there are some people who truly enjoy being nasty to others. It’s like the one time in life they can be interesting. Which is exactly what small people do to feel big.

It’s cartoonish evil. And it just so happens that a certain subset of our population is deluded enough to think they make great leaders.

This is what a group of people who subscribe to an ideology totally devoid of responsibility looks like. If you vote Republican, it’s time to ask your leaders, like Janet Jackson once did, “What have you done for me lately?”

Image: Snow-covered blue USPS mailboxes in Texas; Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

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