Want a Wheely Good time? Embrace the Skate Aesthetic.

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Since stay-at-home measures took effect last spring, sports like bicycling and roller-skating have been making a comeback. Like a lot of places people go to entertain themselves; the bar, the club – or more age-appropriately – restaurants, gyms, movie theaters are closed; the itch to get outside has driven a revival in roller skating. So, if you want a wheely good time, embrace the skate aesthetic!

If your first thought was one of dismissal because, after all, when was the last time anyone went roller skating, think again because as it turns out, the whole skate aesthetic is actually very trendy right now.

Thanks in part to a number of roller skating dancers who have gone viral on TikTok and Instagram, people have remembered that skating not just a cool, fun activity to do. Sneakers with built-in roller skates actually just got back on the market as well. 

I can’t speak for everyone, but I know that if I saw a person or a group of friends out and about on their roller skates having fun the only thing I would want to do is join. Part of the skate aesthetic is having fun and being cute and as long as you embrace that, no one can really make fun of you. 

If like me just bringing this up hasn’t revived your need for speed, then here are a few more specific reasons why you should give roller skating a shot. 

Roller skating, like ice skating but better 

Ice skating is a fun winter activity, a classically cute date idea, and overall a nice outing. The thing about ice skating, though, is that you need ice, which also means being in the middle of a cold winter or going to a designated indoor facility. Because it’s cold you also need a full set of gloves and winter clothes. 

With roller skating, you can have all the same nice things – a nice outing or a classically cute date – with fewer downsides and more perks. For starters, it’s basically the same motion and activity. Sure, you need the skates themselves and, if you want to go all out, protective gear, but you can roller skate anywhere you want, and it doesn’t even have to be cold. Hell, you could roller skate in your own house if you wanted to.

You can go roller skating and get a nice tan, make your way to the local grocery store, or just take a nice stroll. You might have to watch out for hills, but it’s undeniably a lot more versatile than ice skating. 

You don’t need a lot of people to enjoy it, but it never hurts  

As we all know by this point, we need to do our best to avoid large groups. Luckily enough, roller skating is an activity you can do alone or with one or two friends and still enjoy to the fullest. 

Think about it. Instead of sitting at home alone binging a random Netflix show or endlessly scrolling for a decent Video to watch, picture yourself taking a leisurely roll down a riverside, shorefront, or park, headphones in, sunglasses on, the sun coming down, and not a care in the world. 

Conversely, think about a group of you and a few friends, laughing about how awful you all are at roller skating and having a good time trying to look good and skate at the same time. You guys take a few ‘skate aesthetic’ pictures for the books, grab a drink, and roll away.

I used to spend afternoons roller skating down river banks with my family and had a great time with lots of laughs. I also used to roller skate back and forth in my hallway or alone in front of my apartment and had just as much of a good time, albeit much calmer. 

Roller skating is good exercise 

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Admittedly, you aren’t going to see any major muscle growth or pounds shed if you go roller skating every once in a while. Unless you really pump the gas, you also probably aren’t going to break out in a heavy sweat and need a recovery day. But, after your singular or small group session, you might realize that your legs actually got a good pump going and that your body is just a little bit tired. 

I’ve always been somewhat athletic and even for me a couple of hours of roller skating would leave me happy and the good kind of tired; it’s like exercising without exercising. 

If you’re a parent and you want your child to get out of the house to get some exercise, this is a great way to do that. It’s way easier and a lot more humane than making them run, and if you go with them it’s almost guaranteed to be a good chance for light-hearted family bonding. I have a sneaking suspicion roller skating was a tactic my parents used to get my young ice-cream addicted self out and about, but I honestly had so much fun that I can’t even resent them for it. If you aren’t a parent, there’s no shame in using the same tactic for yourself. 

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