Is Nikki Fried really the one who can save the Florida Democratic Party? (Opinion piece)

JoAnn Ryan

So much has been getting tossed around about Nikki Fried and whether she is the next best person to lead the Democratic Party in Florida. Can she pull it off?
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First of all, it's obvious to every person in Florida, not to mention rock, tree and swamp, that the Democratic Party needs someone who is not only charismatic but someone who is smart and tough. And I mean TOUGH.

Dems need grit. True grit. Just like that young girl in that old western movie... oh, what was the name of that thing...?

I mean, let's just face the facts here... Gov. Ron DeSantis is a force... if this was the story of David and Goliath, he would be Goliath.

Where is David now? Or Davina? It's the modern world... David could certainly be female... or gay for that matter. It's okay. Dems don't care.

Question is: Can Nikki Fried fulfil the role of Davina?

Have to say, just being honest here, while I'm hopeful, I have serious doubts.

Especially after watching her in this recent interview. Right off the bat she makes it perfectly clear she doesn't really want the very job she's applying for.

Imagine going into any job interview and start off by saying: "Well, I never really wanted the job, but my friends and family are pushing me... tired of seeing me sit on the couch with a giant bag of potato chips, I suppose, and binge watching "Little House on the Prairie."

Perhaps she's still nursing the hurt over her recent failed attempt to run for Florida governor. And who could blame her? We all need time to heal and breathe and gather back our own personal sanities. No shame in it.

I also thought it was interesting how much she seems to insist on pointing fingers at everyone else, as DeSantis himself said in this statement:

"She had an opportunity as being the only Democrat elected statewide to exercise some leadership and maybe get some things done. Instead, she's used her time to basically try to smear me on a daily basis. That's all she's done."

Even if she's 100% true about all of it, effective leaders still don't do this.

Effective leaders say: "Hell f*cking yes I want this job! I'm the only one who can do this job right now. And bitches better watch out, too, cuz here I come. Ready to kick a$$!"
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Ok, maybe not those exact words, but you get my drift? Doesn't matter how much junk DeSantis has in his trunk right now, that trunk can still get kicked.

No blame-gaming or wishy-washy bullsh*t!

That being said, Nikki Fried looks like a nice lady... someone who just might be a great person and friend. She might even make a great governor sometime in the future. But head of the Democratic Party in Florida at this time? I just don't know.

Watching the previously mentioned interview, I did feel bad for her though as just when she really started to get rolling, interviewer Mr. Winston abruptly cut her off:

"Democracy only works when you have two strong parties, and you are able to bring people to the table to make decisions for the betterment of the collective. And..."

Yes, sounds great... ah, no! Oh well, not everyone has the skills of Walter Cronkite or Barbara Walters now do they?

In summing up, I just can't help having the feeling that while Nikki Fried seems likeable enough on many levels, she's just not the right person for the job at this time.

Unless, of course, she puts on the iron gloves and gets ready to box. Now that would be something.

What do you think?

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