A true-life horror story: Stephen King gets ripped to shreds by Twitter vultures

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Remember the days when Twitter was represented by a cute little blue bird. Might as well make it a gigantic and grotesque vulture now… just like one Stephen King himself might create in a book.

The metaphorical Twitter now?Photo byMarcus LöfvenbergonUnsplash

Indeed, Twitter seems to have brought out the extreme in a lot of people, just like a pack of Christines, circulating and killing anyone who disagrees with them.

This is the way one Twitter user summed things up:

While some people have left the platform, or threatened to leave, others have vowed to stay and "fight from within". Even though long-time popular and prolific Twitter user Stephen King had spoken previously about leaving, I do think he decided to go for the latter option - -at least for now.

And while he's had plenty of support from fans, others haven't been so nice… not at all. Like this Tweeter:

Ouch! As a huge Stephen King fan. That hurts me!

Here's another:

One could certainly say that King is right. Cars and spaceships are quite different than the publishing and social media industry. Arguably, one could say a huge gap has always existed between the techies who create platforms such as Twitter and the vast majority of people who actually publish on and use these sites.

Techies often refer to "end users" the same way someone might refer to another person as a "silly sh*thead". Don't believe me? In a previous job, I spent several years sitting in a spare cubicle within the IT department. Trust me, they do.

Could be a problem, don't you think?

The worst of it for King though, seems to be when he sent out this post:

To which there were several snarky jabs like this one:

And this one:

(Have to say, that scene from It still haunts me — it was written in his cocaine days… or should we say daze — but still. Pretty horrific. I love most of his books, but not that one in particular. Carrie and Hearts in Atlantis were my favs.)

Since Twitter was taken over by Musk, it’s just been one bizarre and inane thing happening after another. People fired, people leaving, people protesting, others vehemently defending Musk and declaring how much better Twitter is now… Trump and Ye were let back on (and Trump said no thank you. Is that a total diss or what?), Jack Dorsey apologized (too late!)

I also still see plenty of people on Twitter going on as if none of this is happening. Promoting books and talking about other issues happening in the world. I applaud their efforts. Feels like the old days when I check out their posts.

Maybe that's the magic secret. Just carry on.

What will become of Twitter for real though? Will it get any better… or worse?

What do you think?

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