People in Florida do some pretty amazing things sometimes, too

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Florida Man and Florida Woman doing the unthinkable is a staple in the Sunshine State. All of us have most likely experienced some form of smack talk from non-Floridians about how crazy our people are here. It's up to all of us to set them straight, don't you think?

As it turns out, plenty of Floridians do amazingly awesome things in Florida every day. We just don't hear about them nearly as much unfortunately.
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And yes, sad to admit, sometimes the bad stuff is just more interesting. Might as well admit it. Something about the shock factor just has a funny way of luring in our brains.

Plus, it makes us all feel a bit more human, I suppose, as none of us are perfect. We have to try and forgive each other, right? These are our friends and neighbors, after all.

However, we have to tell the rest of world about all the great things that are happening in Florida as well, don't you think? Here are a few examples.

Florida Woman stopped before doing something truly horrendous

Reading this story by WESH Orlando, one could say this particular Florida Woman did plenty of stupid things. Luckily, she was prevented from doing the unthinkable though, and that deserves praise.

Potentially, any number of the 3,000 people who attended the Thanksgiving Day 5K Turkey Trot in St. Petersburg could have gotten hurt after a woman driving nearby was caught speeding, resisted arrest and gave chase.

Thanks to the help of several officers providing assistance for the event, no one was hurt.

Perhaps all we need to do in Florida is just look out for each other just a little more.

Feeding Florida

As reported by WTXL Tallahassee, Annie Johnson from Project Annie recently cooked up enough Thanksgiving meals to feed 2,000 people. That's 2,000 people who may not have been able to experience Thanksgiving without the help of Project Annie.

As one turkey day diner said,

"She brought all of us together and that's more important than anything. For us to come together, and be as one, and love each other, and care for each other, and help each other."

Imagine if everyone who had the means would see to feed at least 2,000 people on the planet. What an impact that would make!

Additionally, folks in The Villages also came together to cook up a special Thanksgiving dinner for first responders and their families, as reported by The Villages Daily Sun.

Not sure about you, but this gives me a lot of hope in an often dismal world.
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Bunches of simply amazing surfers

First of all, who knew our own Cocoa Beach was such a hot spot for surfing? Well, I suppose many people probably already knew.

I do remember a few years ago reading about 17-year-old Caroline Marks from Melbourne Beach, who was ranked the best surfer in the world after winning the World Surf League's Boost Mobile Pro Gold Coast event in Australia.

And of course there's the multi-year world champion Kelly Slater of Cocoa Beach. But, Cocoa Beach itself ranked #1 best in the U.S.? Not somewhere in California?

Well now, we must have a lot of great surfers in Florida too, eh? Of course we do. I recently enjoyed reading this write-up from, all about surfing and the best surfers in Florida.

Beloved books replaced after being destroyed by hurricane

When Hurricane Ian ripped through the Naples area, one Florida Woman, Jayne Klinker, had many of her books destroyed, including a personally autographed book by author Elin Hilderbrand.

What happened next? Another amazing Florida Woman by the name of Heather Morse wrote to Elin Hilderbrand about the situation.

Feeling moved, no doubt, by photos of her books floating in the flood water, the author arranged to have several donated copies of her books, including the autographed one that was destroyed, sent to Morse. Morse then presented the books to Klinker at a book club meeting.

Needless to say, there was much happiness and a few tears at such a loving gesture.
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Can't forget about our animal friends now, can we?

Protecting both wildlife and domestic animals, even the sharks and cats, is a great thing.

As reported right here on Newsbreak via WFTV Channel 9 Orlando, a conference was held in Panama City to discuss ways to further protect species from poaching. There is the disastrous ivory trade to look out for, as well as the "fin trade", amongst many others.

Along with protections for over 500 species, delegates at the United Nations wildlife conference rejected a proposal to reopen the ivory trade.

Hope this makes a lasting impact on our wild animal friends, but more likely it will only make a small dent in the monstrous problem.

By the way, I do believe they were referring to Panama City, Panama, not Panama City, FL. I would bet the confusion gets annoying for residents of both places!

Last, but certainly not least, in The Villages, there exists the Cat Crazy Villages club. This club helps to promote feline safety and care. From their website:

The Cat Crazy Villagers (CCV) Club exists to promote the health & welfare of cats, to educate owners about their fur babies, to encourage responsible ownership and to have fun!

How lovely is that? I know at least one person in Winter Springs who does her part to take care of wayward cats by feeding them and befriending them as much as possible.

A life is a life, no matter if that life be animal or human, right?

How about you? Know of any extraordinary Floridians? I bet you do. There are a lot to be found here in this great state. Let me know in the comments.

And feel free to share this story with all your non-Florida people who dare to diss Florida. Let them know there are great things happening here as well!

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