More than 1 million people have given Twitter the bird, what's next? (Opinion)

JoAnn Ryan

Can you believe it's only been 13 unlucky days since Twitter was bought out by Elon Musk? Already it's been a sh*tshow of mass ridiculousness.

Even before talk of the highly unpopular $8 blue check subscription fee for verified accounts began, people were announcing their exodus--the total now reaching a reported 1 million users. This amid a mass firing of employees, Jack Dorsey issuing a weak apology, a lot of childish passive-aggressive actions on the part of Musk and a multitude of public backlash for a multitude of things.

Many see Musk, the self-ascribed "Technoking" as merely a wolf-like character, intent on taking over the world of technology, and perhaps the universe itself. I personally wonder if he's watched one too many episodes of "Pinky and the Brain" and decided that the Brain character was something to aspire to.

Yo, it's just a cartoon... it's cute and funny... but only as a cartoon, man!

Apparently though, not all of these accounts belong to people who left on their own accord, some were suspended or deactivated, like Kathy Griffin. Though the popularity of Griffin is in the eye of the beholder (people seem to love her or hate her) this is still middle finger waving behavior.

With a reported 400 million users, some could argue it's a small drop in a huge bucket. Also arguable is that while even though many big-name celebs like Stephen King have threatened to leave, they have in fact stayed. Hey, who wants to give up their ticket to the biggest train wreck in town? They like to say they want to stay and fight from within, but I do believe the train-wreck factor is a huge part of it, whether they will admit that or not.

Furthermore, it could be argued that those who have actually left the platform are people that few others might miss anyway. Sounds sorta mean, but none-the-less true. We're talking people like Toni Braxton, Sara Bareilles and Téa Leoni. Hey, I love some of the songs by Braxton and Bareilles, and Leoni was awesome in Bad Boys, but I never followed them or any of the others who have reportedly left either.

So, does this all really make that much of a difference? I suppose time will tell when it's seen just how many more decide to take an exit.

Still, this many accounts gone within mere days is rather alarming, don't you think?

The big question now is: will you stay or will you go?

I haven't left yet myself, but as a Medium writer, I can attest that many fellow Medium members are among those who have either left or say they are thinking about leaving. Many are searching for a suitable alternative. Yet again, one could argue this is small potatoes.

To be honest, admittedly I'm sorta with the train wreck folks here. Who wants to miss the biggest ticket going on in town at the current moment? Plus, I've been a Twitter user since the early days. Seems so odd to be thinking of leaving after all this time. Would be like lopping off an arm... or a wing perhaps?

What do you think? What will be the future of Twitter now?

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