Opinion: When politics are set aside, sh*t actually gets done in Florida

JoAnn Ryan

A book could be written detailing just how much President Joe Biden and Govenor Ron DeSantis disagree with each other when it comes to their political persuasions, and I'm just sure it would end up being as long as Sam Richardson's big snore Clarissa (one of the wordiest books ever written in the English language that I was forced to read in a college English class once upon a time.)

However, recently President Biden and Governor DeSantis buried the rivalry to help Florida recover from Hurricane Ian. President Biden praised DeSantis, saying that he was doing "a good job" handling the recovery and DeSantis praised Biden in turn for lending his assistance.

Of course, there were plenty of people who got their undies in a twist about the whole situation. According to this CNN article: "It had been a challenge for Democratic candidates to turn the attention back to the campaign trail with so much focus on the recovery and so many residents in southwest Florida homeless." Many Democrats seem especially upset about how badly the remarks would reflect on the campaign of Charlie Crist.

And, there have been plenty of people dissing DeSantis for asking the White House for help in the first place, according to this FOX article: "Hurricane Ian: MSNBC, New York Times, and more mock DeSantis asking Biden for federal assistance".

Such is the way of the world, there will always be mudslinging, but shame on anyone who does so when it comes to the recovery efforts in Florida. How dare anyone put their political concerns before things like hurricane recovery and the homeless.

There are many people who wish the bipartisanism would continue, and I'm one of them. Florida and America both have a lot of problems to deal with, like poverty, immigration, gun rights or why so many Americans are living in their cars at the present moment.

The only truly sad and tragic thing is that it took a Category 4 hurricane to do it. No doubt a hurricane is a great reason to come together, and kudos to them for that, but why in the name of &#^$ can't they get it together in this same way for other important causes.

Doesn't everyone in Florida, and America, deserve this?

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